Quilt Walk for Justice Calls Attention to SCOTUS Dollar General Hearing


Dollar General v. Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians’ pending Supreme Court hearing has galvanized activists and leaders in Indian country, and many Court-watchers at the federal, state and local government level. The implications for tribal jurisdiction are huge and stakes are high for tribal nations in the case that began with allegations of sexual assault.

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The Supreme Court will be hearing the case on the morning of December 7, and a rally has been organized on the Court steps. The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center (NIWRC) has announced that it will be holding a “Quilt Walk for Justice” in front of the Supreme Court building.

American Indian and Alaska Native women from across the U.S. will be on hand to show their outrage and to bring national attention to this case.

The NIWRC is a Native non-profit organization whose mission is “to ensure the safety of Native women by protecting and preserving the inherent sovereign authority of American Indian and Alaska Native tribes to respond to domestic violence and sexual assault.”

The NIWRC filed an amicus brief recently that was written by Sarah Deer that addressed the underlying issue in the case of tribal jurisdiction. The brief stated that if tribal jurisdiction is eliminated it “would threaten the continued viability of tribal governments.”

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The Quilt for Justice is a call for action by the NIWRC that will take place on the sidewalk of the SCOTUS from 9 a.m. to noon as walkers will carry quilt squares of the Monument Quilt.

“NIWRC and the Monument Quilt Project will walk in support of safety for Native women and sovereignty of Indian nations,” said Cherrah Giles, board president of NIWRC. “We ask everyone to join our effort to oppose Dollar General. Non-Indian corporations and sex predators must be held accountable. Race should not be a license to prey on Native women and children.”

Those concerned about the justice and safety of Native women are invited to create quilt squares to share their support.

“Contribute your quilt square to the growing Monument Quilt. Let us walk together on December 7 and call on the Supreme Court for justice for Native women and children,” said Rebecca Nagle, co-director of FORCE Monument Quilt Project.

For those interested in sending a quilt square in support are able to mail the square by December 1 to FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, Shame on Dollar General Campaign, 2315 Homewood Ave., Baltimore, MD 21218. Include a note stating the quilt square is to support Native women in the “Dollar General case.”

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