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Unfounded Fears of Religious Fanatics Got You Down? Check Out These Memes


The Syrian refugee crisis is escalating, and the memes are starting to emerge.

The rejection of Syrians fleeing their war-torn homes is being compared with that of Jewish people who fled the onslaught of Hitler in World War II, though the underlying reasoning is completely different. With Syrians its fear of religious fanaticism, and this invariably makes some folks think of, well, a time (not this one) when fears of religious fanaticism were actually founded.

We’re talking the Doctrine of Discovery here, folks. The very misinterpretation of Christianity that led to the oppression of the First Peoples of Turtle Island. And a few astute people have noted that fact in that newest of art forms, the meme.

Here are three, for starters, that highlight the hypocrisy while bringing a smile of recognition and amusement, even as we cringe—and maybe even shed a tear.

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Comedian and pundit John Oliver



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Submitted by tmsyr11 on
Its quite obvious ICTMN's interest is to promote and generate race-based, intolerance of people, and bigoted claims to…equality. Its evident any collective sensibilities and common concerns especially to how much impact or influence HURTS American or Turtle Island inhabitants is only an ISSUE as long as its "white". Otherwise, any concerns to the US Federal Deficit of $19 TRILLION ($10 TRILLION grown since 2008/9) and how these peoples are going to be fed, hospitalized, subsidized goes out the window! US Taxpayers and their children will be paying for the next decade. Can you imagine what $1 TRILLION dollars alone can pay for to American Indians and their Tribal Governments? THis is $1 TRILLION dollars in US federal interest that will be paid on top of the $19 TRILLION to the economy. It makes common sense the less impact or influence of special interests as Muslim-Islam and Hispanic affairs, future US Federal dollars to legitimate US American Indian affairs stand greater to receiving attention. But common sense articles is not the intent of ICTMN (never has been). Instead race intolerance is written and attention redirected to 500-600 years ago (instead of the future and how US Indian affairs will be competing with specialized collective US interests).