MTV Decoded Thanksgiving Squanto
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One Thanksgiving myth says Squanto learned English to teach the pilgrims to farm. He actually learned it because he was captured as a slave.

Video: MTV’s Franchesca Ramsey Sets Record Straight About Thanksgiving


MTV Decoded, a weekly series on MTV News with Franchesca Ramsey, tackles race, pop culture, and a variety of other uncomfortable topics. But Ramsey does so in a way that makes viewers laugh, and think.

In a video posted November 18, she sits down to Thanksgiving dinner and tells her family that everything they know about Thanksgiving is WRONG.

While sitting down with her family for dinner, Ramsey tries explaining some truths about the Thanksgiving myth.

“At best, the pilgrims and Wampanoags could be described as ‘political allies,’” she explains to her family, who are all wearing buckle hats. “By the time the pilgrims showed up now only were two-thirds of the Massachusetts tribes completely wiped out by European slave owners and diseases, the pilgrims were constantly at war with the indigenous people, and routinely tortured them.”

She then tells her family how Squanto learned English, not by some miracle, but by being taken as a slave. She also tells them what was really eaten back then—not turkey and stuffing, but eel and venison.

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