"Oh how sweet, a cheeseburger! You’re reconnecting with your culture?" Buzzfeed turns the tables on common misconceptions, with hilarious results.

‘We’ve Never Had a Pilgrim Over Before’: If Natives Said What White People Say [Video]


“You should totally come over to my house for Thanksgiving. We’ve never had a pilgrim over before.”

So cringingly wrong, and yet it’s merely a reversal of what American Indians hear pretty often.

Who among us doesn’t recognize “My great-great grandmother was a full-blooded Alabama princess”? and “Are you sure you’re white? You’re not blonde.”

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From “I am not a racist. I have white friends,” to “Oh my god. Like, what’s my name in your language?” Buzzfeed’s Chris Lam has nailed it once again, building on his series of Native American videos.

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But don’t take our word for it. The video below is peppered with those and other hilarious gems. The perfect antidote to those Thanksgiving myths, or to read while snacking on holiday leftovers.

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