Photo by Alex Hamer
Chris Thomas, Onondaga, Beaver Clan, and Adah Shenandoah, Oneida, Wolf Clan, are all smiles as they share song and dance with the people at the opening of the Great Law of Peace Center.

Learn About the Haudenosaunee: Great Law of Peace Center Opens [14 Images]

Alex Hamer

Coinciding with Native American Heritage Month, Skä Noñh-Great Law of Peace Center celebrated its grand opening on the shores of Onondaga Lake in Liverpool, New York on November 20 and 21. Skä Noñh, which means peace and wellness in Onondaga, is meant to educate people about the Haudenosaunee and the Great Law of Peace, the founding constitution between the Six Nations. There are interactive displays, art, and cultural items all on display at Skä Noñh.

The opening was celebrated by the Native and non-Native community with food, dancing, artists, and an opening address with words from Oren Lyons, Onondaga Faith Keeper.

Lyons had this to say when asked about the meaning of Skä Noñh for future generations: “I think this is the beginning of a resurgence of American history, of Native American history, here in this country. The American public is just not taught of it, the history of Native people here. So this is a good beginning and this is where the Tree of Peace was planted a thousand years ago, and I think it’s going to grow. Hopefully other nations will join in and the true history will come.”

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