Video WatchCut One Word Reservation
WatchCut recently featured five videos featuring Native Americans. Each participant was asked to respond to certain words with just one word.

5 Words in 5 Videos: How Would You React?


WatchCut Video, a weekly series on YouTube, recently featured Native Americans in five episodes. The participants in the videos were asked to do word associations. They were asked to describe the R-word, Christopher Columbus, Reservation, Thanksgiving, and Language using just one word.

The first video has Natives respond to the R-word. Responses included “derogatory,” “outdated,” “profiling,” and “racist.

The second word Natives responded to was “Christopher Columbus.” Some words used in the video were “evil,” “invader,” “ignorance,” “rapist,” “murderer,” and “genocide.”

The next word given to the group was “reservation.” Responses included “bleak,” “oppression,” “small,” and “sad.”

“Thanksgiving” was the next word the group had to associate. The day was described as “inaccurate,” “colonization,” and “lies,” but many of the respondents said “family.”

Finally, what did the Native participants say when asked to associate the word “language?” Some of the responses included “important,” “vital,” “sacred,” “culture,” and “forgotten.”

What word would you use to describe each?

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Submitted by verncox on
"Redskin" has always been a term of respect for the modern white man. As a US veteran I know it's out of respect because of the violence of our past history. You are being recognized as "Pains in the ass". That's battlefield respect and a compliment. If you want to know the real disparaging word you shouldn't like it's "Injun". That's the best equivalent of "nigger" among Southerners. The "Washington Redskins" is not meant to be anymore offensive than "The Golden State Warriors" or "Chicago Blackhawks". I've brought this up before but Army aviation uses tribal names for their aircraft out of that respect I mentioned earlier.

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Reservation: Ghettos, Slums, Bottoms. That's what they've become and whites/blacks have them too. It's the consequence of "Government Subsidies". Conservatives call them (with ill feelings) "Hand-outs". In case you haven't noticed, early aborigines were victims of children playing with matches. That's what the first white settlers were when their civilization is compared with the early aboriginal's. We'll talk later as I comment further. I let you decide if I'm full of crap or not. civilizations.

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The truth of Christopher Columbus has always been known. He didn't get lost. When he started out, he didn't know that America existed. No one but the Scandinavians knew about any of the Americas and then, only Greenland and Iceland. Columbus arriving at America was an accident. Secondly, he was an Italian and Italians and Spaniards were the most ruthless of the explorers. You no doubt have heard of Montezuma and Atahualpa. Those were civilizations that were destroyed with ISIS precision. The reason they say he discovered America isn't because he did, it's "for whom" he found it for. He found it, for lack of a better term, for the "techno-society" of Spain. I use techno Society because technology was the only difference between the European and American civilizations in the 1400s. The Europeans had more machines than they did humility. Children with matches being let by arrogant leaders who listened to the even more arrogant Catholic/Angilcan Churches.