Courtesy Tara Trudell
American Indian Poet John Trudell

American Indian Poet John Trudell Walks On


John Trudell, an American Indian poet, actor, spoken word artist and political activist passed away today, December 8, 2015, at his home, surrounded by his family and friends. He entered this dimensional reality on February 15, 1946 and now he has left this dimensional reality.

He is survived by his children and grandchildren.

Some of his last known words were:

"I appreciate all of your expressions of concern and I appreciate all of your expressions of love. It has been like a fire to my heart. Thank you all for that fire. But please don't worry about me . . .”

"I don't want to tell people how to remember me. I want people to remember me as they remember me.”

John Trudell and his family ask for people to celebrate love and celebrate life. He asked that people pray and celebrate in their own way in their own communities.

(Courtesy Dianna Cohen)

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Anna Davidson M...
Submitted by Anna Davidson M... on
John belongs to the universe, now. We have lost one of the greatest American thinkers and educators of the 20th-21st Century. He should have had many more years. It's been wonderful for me to watch him evolve over the years. Wopila, John, you taught me that all us humans are truly related. Mitakuye Oyasin.

Linda Medley
Linda Medley
Submitted by Linda Medley on
I had and heard his first tape in the early 1980's in Minneapolis... it was the most poignant & challenging Native American voices I had yet to hear then... able to voice what many of us NA all across the country felt. He will be missed...

Bobby Joe Minelli
Bobby Joe Minelli
Submitted by Bobby Joe Minelli on
John Trudell - Poet & Enlighted Human Being's picture
Great poet, actor, singer and activist John Trudel was born in my hometown. I never met him there. Once I met him in the setting of a small doctor's office in Santa Monica where he responded with a sly self-deprecating joke... he was very creative and a good man.

Steven Hillmuffin
Submitted by Steven Hillmuffin on
I can't even put in words - the loss of one of my musical/artistic heroes. I mention his song "Bombs Over Baghdad" because it applies today as much as it did in the 1990's!! Prescience and poetry, truth and the music to paint it on the wall for all to see.... Prayers for him and his family......