“The Good Guys and Bad Guys Are Just Riding in Different Parts of the Same Train"

Trudell on Materialism: “The Good Guys and Bad Guys Are Just Riding in Different Parts of the Same Train"

“The Good Guys and Bad Guys Are Just Riding in Different Parts of the Same Train" - John Trudell
During his active and influential life, John Trudell eloquently expressed thoughts and ideas that gave meaning and provided understanding of universal experiences. He was particularly prophetic when it came to identifying sources of repression and anxiety in contemporary American culture. His thoughts will always resonate. Now is a good to enjoy and celebrate his many contributions to our world.
Below is the first clip in a what will be a selection of videos featured over the coming days to appreciate some of his poetry, performances and talks.

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Speaking of materialism the system has changed since 2008. After the banksters convinced the Congress to bail them out largely against the public will, there began an anti materialism movement designed to limit purchases and thereby cash flow to the top. That caused helicopter Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve to initiate further bailouts known as QR1-2-3 backed up by the US Treasury in amounts variously described by different sources as between five and twelve trillion dollars. These Fed bailouts blunted the effect of those who chose to quit consuming in order to limit the cash flow to the Elites and thereby bring them to their senses. The change I'm speaking of is this, the fed has used up all of it's available collateral and cannot lend further in large amounts. Not to worry said the new Fed Chairman, Mrs. Yellen, the economy is strong and it will sustain a one quarter percent interest rate increase. Before formally testing that theory, the Fed tested the market last Thursday for one day. The bottom dropped out of the stock market. Whoops said the Fed. The European Union banks do have available collateral and were supposed to make it available to the Fed. Germany balked and the stock market tanked. More draconian methods are available to the Government and they may materialize. The "opt in" option is on the table. What is "opt in"? It IS legal for banks to confiscate your deposits and issue you bank stock in it's place. Yup, it's true. So now your savings can be used to support the super rich elites too. Nope, the banks don't have to ask you for your permission. So, now that further reductions in consumption, known as starving the beast, could have a real effect, now that the Fed can no longer bail out the Elites, if employed, will just motivate the elites to take your savings. Since Indians think in terms of imagery, do you see yourself circling inside the porcelain throne yet? Whether your circling clockwise or counter clockwise you destination is the same. I don't know what the last card played might be, but clearly there is an end in sight right now and it ain't roses. So this cynical old Indian with his ear to the ground, hears the rumblings of something. It may be another major false flag event to scare you into surrendering your savings, or, it could be the beginnings of World War Three in Syria with the U.S.A, France, Germany, England, and Turkey facing off against Syria, Russia, Iran, and China. The yonega sure have a funny way of celebrating their holidays. Avoid these people!