Courtesy Trudell Family

Open Letter from Family of John Trudell


He was a noted activist, poet and Native thinker, and on December 8, 2015 John Trudell left Turtle Island to join the spirit world. The influential Native philosopher touched many throughout Indian country and beyond.

Today, Trudell’s family released the following statement:

John Trudell (Courtesy Trudell Family)

“We know all the people who love John want to know about plans and how to pay their respects. John left clear instructions for his passage and for what he wanted to happen after he crossed over. He did not want a funeral or any kind of single gathering. He also did not want his family to write a standard style obituary or ‘toot his horn.’ He didn’t want to tell people how to remember him.

“His wishes are for people to celebrate life and love, pray and remember him in their own ways in their own communities.

“With love for all.”

(Courtesy Trudell Family)

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