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John Trudell and Mike Mease, co-founder of Buffalo Field Campaign during Buffalo Field’s 2012 West Coast Road Show.

Remembering Trudell: ‘His Words Were a Gift to the Earth’

Mike Mease

In a time where our leaders have no direction or plans for our children's future, a visionary man has left this earthly plane to guide us from above.

On December 8, 2015 John Trudell passed to the next dimension. His words showed the way back to ways that work for all people and the planet. I had the honor of calling this great man my friend. John's words were only one of his many gifts to this earth. His actions and activism were also an inspiration. Today's activists have no idea how easy we have it and it is because of great warriors like John.

He paid for his actions with retaliation of family members being murdered, and this never stopped him. He gathered strength from this loss and never stopped leading by example. I am hopeful that in his passing we can learn from his words and actions that we need to unite to create positive change.

Diversity should be our strength; we don't need to be clones of each other to work together, that is dictatorship and only divides us.

Nowadays too much of the focus of activism has been in criticizing other activists, dividing and conquering the handful of people who care enough to actually act. I know firsthand that it is scary to face our enemies and there is a consequence when actions are taken, but that is how we create change. Now is the time to be a real activist and fight the real enemies, the real enemies of life on this planet – not each other.

John paid for his actions with the loss of his wife, three children, and mother in law. Rather than silencing him, this only made him stronger. We need to lead our lives in this direction and quit helping the other side by dividing ourselves. Take the time to learn from John's words, poems, and wisdom and be the change you want to see. We are our only hope.

One of his many gifts to the buffalo is in the video "Buffalo Wild." With few words he tells the story and shows the ignorance of what continues to happen.

Take the time to listen to John's poems, songs, and videos he left behind for us. I vow to make my life's work something John would be proud of and I extend this challenge to each of you. The many gifts John left for us to learn from are alive, please use them in your life.

Thanks John for all you taught me and continue to teach me, I am still listening, learning, and will do so until I join you again. My prayers, heartfelt hugs, and love go out to John's family, friends, and all the people who mourn his passing. It is our job now to make him live forever in our daily lives. Thanks John for all you have done for me my friend.

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Submitted by jdminsco on
I am very sad I was unable to meet such a great and inspiring human being. With each passing of another great inspiration and reason for living, a piece of all of us dies with them. We all must carry on Mr. Trudell's great works and not let them die with him. Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do with your works even in passing onto a greater Great Plains.