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Adam Sandlers Finally Addresses Ridiculous Six Controversy

Adam Sandler Finally Addresses Ridiculous Six Controversy

Lisa J. Ellwood

One week before Adam Sandler’s “The Ridiculous Six” officially debuted on Netflix on December 11, Adam Sandler finally talked about the Native actors who walked off his set in protest. Sandler’s remarks appear in an online video interview posted by the Washington Post that was shot at the movie’s premiere in Hollywood.

Sandler said in the video, “I certainly didn’t want anyone to be offended… Once they see the movie we are making - it is so not trying to be hurtful. We were just trying to show how great American Indians are.”

However, despite the walk-off of the film’s cultural advisor, Native American actor Loren Anthony, and other extras last Spring, Sandler insists he has Netflix’s full support.

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The film’s director, Frank Coraci, said in an interview with Variety that Netflix supported the effort of R6. “They allowed us to make a movie that might have gotten watered down if it went through a studio system.”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said the only way to compete in an increasingly crowded streaming world is to create original shows and movies that subscribers can’t find anywhere else.” said Hollywood business writer Dorothy Pomerantz in Forbes.

Considering a recent article published on December 15th by The Independent said that the eye-watering criticism from critics and viewers alike are branding Sandler’s film ‘unwatchable’ and stands as “proof that Netflix Originals aren’t always a safe bet.”

Netflix may have to reconsider the risk of pumping millions of dollars into contentious original programming like “The Ridiculous 6”.

VIDEO HERE: Adam Sandler addresses Native American walkout reports from 'The Ridiculous 6' 

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thinkaboutit's picture
Submitted by thinkaboutit on
Coming from Sandler who is priviledged and feels entitled to do this project at the expense of a laugh directly at Native peoples expense, "it is so not trying to be hurtful." It may be funny to him. But when other priviledged and entitled people's children call our Native children "Beaver Breath and Wears No Bra" it is our children who will suffer!

Heather Denomie
Heather Denomie
Submitted by Heather Denomie on
GREAT MOVIE!!!!!! I dont care what some of the other natives are saying, i watched this movie and laughed harder the second and third time!!!! if they can make movies about blacks, asians, white religions, and countless other races that make you laugh why not natives? are we really so big headed that we are somehow superior and above this??? please. watch it. its hilarious. haters need to stop spreading hate and focus on the fact that this is a great movie about infidelity, betrayal, and brother overcoming all!!!! with some mule poop spray filled in between!!!!