Native Humor: A Cowboy and Indian Christmas Joke

Native Humor: A Cowboy and Indian Christmas Joke

Vincent Schilling

It was a beautiful Christmas winter season in the plains of New Mexico.

As the temperatures began to decline and evening descended on the frosty plains, Sam the Cowboy and his American Indian companion Red Dog decided to make camp for the night.

They slept for awhile in the cold of the winter night. Sam later awoke to see his good friend Red Dog close by - lying on his back, staring straight up, into the beautiful night sky.  As Sam the Cowboy looked up, he saw millions of stars. He even made a quick Christmas wish on a shooting star.

Sam looked at Red Dog and asked, "I see you are looking so intently into the expanse of this great sky, Red Dog. What is it that you are thinking?

Red Dog looked at Sam the Cowboy and said, "Sam, it is very simple, if you look straight up - what do you see?"

Sam the Cowboy, knowing his Native friend was very wise in the matters of the universe and spirituality, wanted to answer in the best way possible.  

"Well," said Sam, "I see millions of stars, there are probably millions of other planets revolving around these stars, it makes me feel very small, and that we are just a small dot on the face of a giant giant universal existence. I also see snow twinkling in the mountains possibly a hundred miles from here, there might be animals living there that will never see the face of man and we should do our best to preserve this world and be good stewards of this planet. Finally I see you my friend, and I notice that though our skins are  different in color, our blood runs red and we deserve to live together in friendship and harmony.

"That is what I see, Red Dog."

Sam smiled, confident that he had given an intelligent answer. "What do you see when you look at those stars, Red Dog?."

Red Dog turned to Sam the Cowboy and said, "You idiot, we are looking at the stars, which means someone stole our tent."


ICTMN's A&E Editor Vincent Schilling created this joke loosely based on a plethora of other similar jokes online: Follow him on Twitter - @VinceSchilling

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One day, a little Indian boy wrote to Santa Clause, "Please send me a sister." Santa Clause wrote him back, "Ok, send me your mother."