Time for Reindeer Soup! via Native Christmas Funnies

Native Humor: Native Christmas Funnies and Memes

Dr. Coyote and Vincent Schilling

We hope everyone is having a happy holiday with family or friends or maybe you are enjoying a long deserved day-off… Whatever the reason, here a few Native Christmas funnies for the season.

We have a few funny jokes from devious Dr. Coyote as well as a few Native cartoons we found or received from our readers.

Merry Native Christmas and all the best in the upcoming New Year!

(All of the meme's were found on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.)

From last year: 9 Native Style Christmas Memes and Cartoons


8 ways things would be different if Santa were Native.  (from Dr. Coyote)

Kids would leave out kool-aid, pemmican and frybread.

Santa would wear a turtleneck to hide his hickeys.

Santa's new moccasins are made out of Rudolph.

Every tree would be decorated with beaded earrings, ornaments with basket/beading/blanket designs and have a five-pound block of commodity cheese under it.

He would need to get an advance on his per cap check to get all the presents off layaway.

The sleigh is held together with prayer, baling wire, duct tape and would need a jump in every other state. There is also another sleigh on blocks back at the North Pole for parts.

Santa’s outfit would consist of a red Pendleton jacket, wranglers with a belt (he has no butt) a beaded belt and a knit cap with the same design, all to match his oversized gifting basket filled with presents.

And the number one way things would be different if Santa were Indian....

According to Indian time, our gifts would arrive after New Years.


A Few Funny Native Holiday Memes:

Dr. Coyote’s 12 Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Xmas, my true love gave to me:

Twelve Drummers Drumming,

Eleven Pounds of Jerky,

Ten Jars of Salmon

Nine Inter-Tribal Dancers,

Eight Beaded Caps,

Seven Girls a Sanging’

Six Eagle Feathers,

Five Pow Pow Discs,

Four Baby Baskets

Three NDN Tacos

Two pairs of Mocs,

And a Flicker in a Huckleberry Bush.


A Few More Native Christmas Memes:

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Sammy7's picture
Submitted by Sammy7 on
How can you tell when an Indian family celebrates Christmas. When there are dead raindeer on the roof.