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ICTMN's Arts and Entertainment, Sports and Pow Wows Editor Vincent Schilling is a HUGE Native Nerd... Are You?

I'm a Native Nerd. Are You?

Vincent Schilling

As a young Mohawk Kid, growing up on Compton Blvd. in Los Angeles – yes, that Compton – I remember receiving my first issue of MAD Magazine in the mail. It was my first magazine subscription. I had saved up for it, and had asked my dad to mail in a check and then I waited for what seemed like forever to receive the first issue, although it was probably just six weeks.

I also remember my favorite book, not by the name, but by the content. It was a cool science book, with funny questions related to science, such as the reasons for swirls in a person’s hair, the makeup of water in its various forms, gas, solid and liquid, and so on and so on.

I used a microscope in my room to look at ants, used a magnifying glass in the summer sun to burn paper and instead of playing with my toys, I took them apart with a screwdriver.

I read tons of books and comics, I lived at the library and spent as many summer days looking up book titles as I did in taking the bus to the beach. Yes, I am a Native Nerd.

Today, in addition to being obsessed with my Mohawk culture and the origins of my ancestors, I am also obsessed with my newest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone and its accompanying S-Pen.

I love the heartbeat of Mother Earth as it sounds booming through the grounds of a pow wow just as I love photographing it with my Canon DSLR with accompanying 18-200mm lens and battery grip.

If I had to choose, I would choose my culture first but the Creator has never asked me to choose. I am lucky to live in a world of Native culture and Native Nerdism. I love this world of media, I love this world of Google Chrome as my web browser - and yes I know some Mozilla Firefox aficionados would laugh at me. (As a watcher of one of my YouTube videos replied to me recently: I’d rather boil my own head in water than use Google Chrome. - Personally, I love Chrome.)

I also love the world of Android and love the fighting between the users of the iOS and Android platform. I think Apple is fine, but enjoy the ability to unlock or “root” my Android device, which means I can use an outsourced phone operating system.

So, yes I am a Native Nerd. Right now on my desk, I have figurines of Marvel characters such as Spiderman, Venom and Wolverine. (Yes, I hate that Hugh Jackman is over 6 feet tall and Wolverine from the X-men comics is much shorter.)

Yes, I have held comic books worth thousands of dollars in my hands. (I didn’t buy them, just held them.) I have hundreds of comic books now encased in plastic covers with acid free cardboard backings.

I have already seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice, I probably own about 20 comic oriented t-shirts my wife bought me. I have been to countless premieres of Marvel and DC comic book movies and will go to many more.

I would like to think all of this qualifies me as a Native Nerd.  

Are you?

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