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Roy Clyde, above and kneeling, shot and killed two Native Americans as they slept. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Thursday.

Man Who Shot, Killed Sleeping Native Americans Gets Life in Prison

Sheena Louise Roetman

A man who shot two Northern Arapaho patients at a detox center outside Wind River Reservation in Riverton, Wyoming, was sentenced to life in prison without parole last Thursday.

Roy Clyde, 32, pleaded guilty in October to killing one man and critically injuring another in July when he opened fire inside the Center of Hope detox center.

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Clyde received life in prison for the first-degree murder of 29-year-old Stallone Trosper and a second life sentence for the attempted first-degree murder of 50-year-old James Goggles. Both men were sleeping at the time of the shooting.

Clyde insisted the shooting was not racially charged, but that he was instead targeting people who loitered drunkenly in the park, regardless of their race, because he was annoyed with having to clean up after them, according to the AP.

The Associated Press reported that after shooting the two men, Clyde allegedly laid down his handgun, called the police and waited outside for his arrest. Photographs show a shirtless Clyde holding up his hands as officers arrive.

The Northern Arapaho tribe and the Northern Arapaho Business Council have called for a federal hate crime investigation, and community meetings have been held to discuss racial tensions in Riverton and the surrounding areas.

Clyde pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty, according to the Casper Star Tribune.

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verncox's picture
Submitted by verncox on
He was a white guy shooting a non-black individual. No death penalty called for in this USA.

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Submitted by SeanCeltiad on
Yeah right, I hope the families of these two men get to see justice done. Another case of why don't sickos like this guy just shoot themselves and save us the heartache and pain and sorrow and loss. No way is he going to get away with such a pathetic story/lie/excuse, not this time!!!