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The latest episode of Indigenous With Stacey Thunder based on the fifty-year anniversary of Olympian Billy Mills

New Indigenous With Stacey Thunder: Billy Mills - 50 Years After His Gold Medal

Vincent Schilling

Veteran TV-host and Native Actress Stacey Thunder (Jingle Dress, Tallulah) has just released her latest episode of Indigenous With Stacey Thunder based on the fifty-year anniversary of Olympian Billy Mills’ gold medal win in the 10,000 meter run.

Aiming to "educate and entertain viewers, empower Indigenous peoples, and bridge culture gaps,"  Thunder says she hopes to inspire others in Indian Country to share their own stories. Episodes are posted to Stacey Thunder's YouTube Channel.

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In a brief interview with Thunder, she told ICTMN a bit of the backstory of her second episode in the series.

What is this latest episode featuring Billy Mills about?

I serve on the N7 Fund and we had a sports summit at Nike World Headquarters in October 2014.  Billy was there to kick off his 50th anniversary of his gold medal win, so we talked about the race, his win, and the 50th anniversary, which are all quite an accomplishment.  

We spent a few days with Billy at the summit visiting and sharing stories, and each one of his stories drew emotion from us, and inspired us.  I wish I was able to capture all of that on video, but that would’ve been quite the long video! 

Didn't the Olympics announcer at the 1964 Olympics get fired that was screaming Mills name as Mills started to win?

Yes I believe he did.  (laughs)

Billy has been a hero of mine since I was a little girl. And I'm pretty sure he is a hero to many people.  

This was my third interview with Billy in my television career, and this particular interview was a personal favorite.  He has a great connection with people, and he has this amazing and positive energy that inspires and motivates me.

He even gave me advice and reassured me that I was sacred because I am telling our stories.

Here is the second episode:

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