Thanks to Mikayla J. McRoye (Navajo/Hopi), who submitted her poem 'Zas' to ICTMN.

Zas (“Snow” in Navajo) - A Winter Poem

Vincent Schilling

Since most of Indian Country is currently in the throes of winter weather, a poem on snow, or ‘Zas’ as it is called in Navajo, seemed appropriate.

Thanks to  Mikayla J. McRoye (Navajo/Hopi), who submitted her poem 'Zas' to ICTMN.


Zas (“Snow” in Navajo)

The snow begins to fall once more.

Drifting against the windows,

Politely begging entrance,

And then falling with disappointment, to the ground.



A heavy blanket on the outdoors.

Floating down on the silent Earth and covered

All around and silenced all trace of the world


I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields?

That it kisses them so gently and then it covers them up, snug, you know?

With a white quilt and perhaps it says "Go to sleep... Until the spring comes.”


Something awaits beneath it.

The whole story doesn’t show.

A cold wind blows from the North,

As it makes the trees rustle like living things.


When snow falls, Nature listens.

Snow is Mother Earth’s attempt,

To make her dirty world look clean.


Snowflakes are Nature’s most fragile things.

But look what it can accomplish when they stick together.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world

Changing it before our eyes

Everything is softer and more beautiful.


For some, it isn’t just a season.

It’s a feeling.

To others, it is a day that holds time all together.

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