You Might Be a Star Wars NDN Jedi If…

Native Humor: The Rez Force Awakens – You Might Be a Star Wars NDN Jedi If…

Dr. Coyote and Vincent Schilling

We hope that by now you have seen The Force Awakens at least twice and if not, one less piece of frybread for you tonight at dinner.

In this first of two segments on how Native people can tell if they might be a true NDN Jedi, Dr. Coyote has compiled an amazing array of ways to determine if you are a member of the forces for good or evil.

So look out Obi Wan Kenobi Coyote: .

You might be a NDN Jedi if…

… you ever heard the phrase, "May the Force be with you...aayyy!"

… you have had to jump start your space shuttle

… your Jedi robe is beaded.

… you had to delay the start of a rebel attack because your cousin was coming over with a load of wood.

… you have ever used your light-saber to butcher a buffalo or sheep.

… you would have punished Anikin Skywalker for not respecting his Elders.

… at least one wing of your rezzed-out X-Wing fighter is primer-colored.

… you have smudged your light saber

… you know that Ewoks taste like dog.

… you have ever had a land-speeder up on blocks in your yard.

... you think the worst part of spending time with Yoda is eating his commodity stew.

… you have ever used your jedi ways in negotiations with the BIA.

… Wookies are offended by your use of buffalo robes.


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