Smokestack Lightning to Unleash Native Blues on Memphis

Jorge Martin Melchor

The blues band Smokestack Lightning is headed to Memphis to compete in the 32nd Annual International Blues Challenge from January 26 - 30.

The Native American band started playing together in Arizona in 2009 mostly for fun. But their music quickly grew in popularity among blues followers, and they won the Arizona Blues Showdown on September 27, 2015. The Phoenix Blues Society gave the band $1,000 for the competition. They have raised the rest of the money they need to go to Memphis by playing fundraising gigs in and around the Valley of the Sun.

Their unique sound is influenced by rock, country and Native music. The band is excited to play for a new audience in Memphis.

“Smokestack Lightning is proud to represent Arizona in front of the world’s best blues musicians,” said Robert Jackson, the band’s singer.

Other band members are Pat Antone on drums and vocals, Mark Leos on bass and Rik Leos on guitar.

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