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Beyonce, above, dons a feather headdress. She is slated to perform at halftime during Super Bowl 50 on February 7.

6 Prop Bets on Super Bowl 50: Will Beyoncé Culturally Appropriate?

Sheena Louise Roetman

Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner, which means a fresh batch of ridiculous-yet-entertaining prop bets. For those that don’t know, a prop bet is a wager connected to an event within the game – if a certain player participates in a well-known behavior or if a halftime entertainer has a wardrobe malfunction, for example. Prop bets can also be placed on statistics such as rushing yards for a certain player, or even who wins the coin toss. And, according to Forbes, prop bets are now outnumbering bets on the actual game outcome.

Below are a few prop bets that are worth a wager or two:

1. Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement in his post-game interview?

This one was popular in 2014 when the Broncos played the Seahawks, but after Thursday’s news that Jim Irsay wants Manning to leave the NFL as a Colt, it seems unlikely. Especially given Manning’s past four seasons with the Broncos, which have been overall rather positive.

The caveat is it must be on live broadcast – not the next day via press release – and the yes is 5/1 while the no is 1/10.

2. Will there be an earthquake during the game?

It is California, after all, and the yes is 10/1. Apparently it’s happened before. In 2013, a 3.1 quake rattled during a regular season game between the Raiders and the Chargers.

One thing we can all agree on – let’s hope this doesn’t happen, regardless of the odds, because loss of life and destruction of property is something no one should be rooting for.

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3. Will Left Shark make an appearance?

Arguably the most exciting part of last year’s Super Bowl was Left Shark, the livelier of the two shark-costumed humans who performed alongside Katy Perry during halftime. Left Shark became an instant pop culture icon, complete with his (her?) own mock Twitter account.

The yes on this one is 15/1, so it’s not completely unrealistic, but even less possible than an earthquake, so don’t hold your breath.

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4. How many times will Cam Newton do the Open Shirt Superman motion during the game?

Cam’s signature move, the Open Shirt Superman, will undoubtedly make an appearance on Sunday. But exactly how many times he performs this little dance is obviously dependent on scoring.

The over is 2.5 (EVEN, 1/1) and the under is 2.5 (-140, 5/7) on this one, but some have speculated that his celebration dances are a little over the top, and getting on the nerves of opponents, which could lead to some pointed retaliation.

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5. Will Beyoncé participate in cultural appropriation?

Beyoncé and Coldplay, both halftime performers, along with Bruno Mars, recently came under Internet-fire for alleged cultural appropriation in their new collab video, “Hymn for the Weekend,” in which Bey dons traditional Desi makeup and clothing. Many have argued that it isn’t appropriation, and many have argued that it is, as Refinery29 has outlined.

Regardless, it’s safe to assume that the song, at least, will be part of the show, considering the video was released little more than a week before the Super Bowl. Fingers crossed that Beyoncé’s performance will be incredible and welcoming for all.

6. Will your sister ask what part of the buffalo the wings come from during a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial?

It happened to me once, during the 2011 BCS National Championship game, when my sister turned to me and, in all seriousness, asked what part of the buffalo the wings came from. If it can happen to me, there’s no telling it won’t happen to you as well.

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