Dem Presidential Election is Fixed: DNC Rigged the Game for Hillary

Harold Monteau

In my view, what the DNC has done in handpicking, from day one, the Presidential Candidate the Democratic Establishment prefers (Hillary Clinton), disenfranchises millions of Democrat voters who truly want the DNC to facilitate a “fair fight” on the Policy Issues in selecting the nominee. Instead we have the “Democrat Establishment Machine” making that choice for us. This sends a message that “we don’t count” and “our opinions are worthless” in what is supposed to be a Democratic process in selecting the Nominee. We are being told that if we don’t support their hand-picked and pre-determined candidate, that we are “stupid, immature, delusional, uninformed, ignorant of how “it works” in DC Politics, and that only an Establishment Candidate can win”.

The other candidates have been playing against a “stacked deck”. They know it, and we know it. The DNC even chose Hillary’s Former Campaign Manager to lead the effort to make sure no other declared Democrat will have an “even” chance. The DNC even scheduled Debates on days that assured that the Debates would compete with other events that American Voters will not forego, such as NFL Football Play-offs and other sporting events. The DNC knows that the more their hand-picked/pre-determined candidate is exposed to the public alongside the other Candidates, the more voters will realize that the Democratic Establishment is not any less a “shill” for Wall Street and the Billionaire’s Club than the Republicans.

The DNC and Party Elite intend to continue the Wall Street domination of the Obama Administration (which has had a high number of Wall Street Minions in this Administration). Do we really want to continue with the Obama Administration’s infatuation with Wall Street into the next 8 years? The Polls should instruct the DNC that the answer to that question is a resounding “NO”!

The Obama Administration has been a “revolving door” from and to Wall Street. Former Attorney General Eric Holder rejoined Covington & Burling, the law firm at which he worked before becoming Attorney General. Their clients include many of the large banks Holder declined to prosecute for their alleged role in the financial crisis. Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone opined about the move, "I think this is probably the single biggest example of the revolving door that we've ever had”.

Other notable Obama Administration Wall Street Appointees are Jacob Lew (Citigroup), Michael Froman (Citigroup), Tim Geithner (Citi Group) Lawrence Summer (Hedge fund D.E.Shaw), Antonio Weiss (Lazard), Thomas E. Doniton (Fannie Mae & law firm representing Bank of America and other Banks). And the list goes on. Here are some two dozen more.

I think the real question for voters in 2016 is can we (the former Middle Class that is now the Working Class, the Working Poor, the poor and retired) afford another 8 years of Wall Street running our government along with a Congress bought and by Wall Street? Again, the resounding and overwhelming answer from the American People is “NO”!

Will the Dem Nominee be Hillary Clinton? The Primaries are not the deciding factor. What really counts is the Delegates (especially the Super-Delegates that have a weighted vote and are Establishment Democrats) and their vote at the Nominating Convention. Many of these Delegates, without regard for how Voters will cast their vote in the Primaries, have already committed to the Establishment Candidate. So chances are it will be Hillary Clinton, in which case I will be a loyal Democrat and vote the complete Democrat Column as I hold my nose against the stench of Wall Street Money.

Harold Monteau is a Chippewa Cree Attorney, Indian Country Economic Development Consultant and Tribal Nationhood Advocate living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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onedman's picture
This is an unhappy situation. I will vote for Bernie and I think the reasons don't need to be listed. All I can really do is hope and we all know how that usually turns out. But maybe, just maybe a dream will come true.
Sammy7's picture
Soon American's will be entering and leaving the voting places with sacks over their heads. Not my circus, not my monkeys!