Bedside Press is looking for submissions for two-spirit indigenous science-fiction stories.

Award-Winning Editor Seeks Two-Spirit Indigenous Sci-Fi Stories for Anthology


Bedside Press, whose founder edited the award-winning Moonshot collection of indigenous comic book stories, is seeking submissions for an “upcoming anthology on queer and two-spirited indigenous sci-fi stories,” according to editor Hope Nicholson.

“I have two writer slots available, and will announce the confirmed writers soon,” Nicholson told Indian Country Today Media Network via e-mail. Besides being the editor behind Moonshot, she also produced Nelvana of the Northern Lights, a reprint of a Canadian comic book from the 1940s that features the Inuit demigoddess Nelvana.

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“Bedside Press will be publishing an anthology collection of new indigenous sci-fi stories that feature LGBT or two-spirited content,” Nicholson’s site says. “This content will be prose (not comic book!). There are two submission slots available for open submission.”

In other words, Nicholson is looking for two writers to furnish a story each. The deadline to submit is March 30, and finished stories will be due by June 2016, with the book to be released in summer.

While she’s looking for writers who identify as indigenous and are based in North America, they don’t have to identify as LGBT or two-spirit, the site says. But the work must be in the science fiction/urban fantasy genre and “include a significant focus and inclusion of LGBT or two-spirited content.”

Content should be PG-13 and up, aimed at teens and above. For payment, rights and other details, see Bedside’s Submissions page.

Nicholson is a self-described “editor, researcher, producer, publisher, and passionate fangirl,” whose “aim in life is to help create space for stories to be told, that aren’t commonly told but are highly desired. Community building and helping others succeed is the aim of the company I’ve developed, Bedside Press.”

Moonshot, which features Inuit, Métis and First Nation superheroes, was published by AH Comics in June 2015. It was awarded a spot on the School Library Journal’s prestigious Best Books list for 2015.

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Nicholson was also co-publisher of Nelvana of the Northern Lights, which she and colleague Rachel Richey resurrected from a long-lost archive via a Kickstarter campaign, according to The Star.

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