Photos courtesy Whyte Museum of the Rockies, Edward S. Curtis
From left, First Nations mother and child, and Apache Mother and Child. Mother, and ICTMN contributing columnist Sarah Sunshine Manning pens a poem for Women’s History Month, highlighting the "feminine magic that is us."

Manning: ‘The Feminine Magic That is Us,’ a Poem Honoring Women’s History Month

Sarah Sunshine Manning



The Feminine Magic That is Us


We dance in shawls of resilience,

We build nations, with our love

Steadily unearthing our power,

And the feminine magic that is us


Our progression of womanhood

Comes, often, through trial and oversight,

As we sometimes, dance and glide gracefully,

At other times, stumbling wildly in spotlight


We endure and we overcome,

Stages of passion and heartache,

Forgiving ourselves, still honoring ourselves,

With enduring, persistent love


From the women of creation stories,

From ancestors, mothers, and grandmothers

From the tender prayers of sisters,

And from the strength within their songs

We learn from the many spirited women around us,

Every single one


We unearth to power of womanhood

Through the stories of survivors,

Of victors, and resilient fighters,

Harvesting inspiration from each story spun

Woven into the womanhood tales of triumph

We draw strength from courage stories

And everlasting feminine love


From every story and every dance

From every well examined lesson

As generations of women connected,

Enduring strength is what we dress in


By virtue of our femininity

And the generational strength within our bones

We carry medicine in our fingertips,

Tenderness and healing is in our touch


We dance in shawls of resilience

We build nations with our love

Steadily unearthing our power,

And the feminine magic that is us


Sarah Sunshine Manning

Sarah Sunshine Manning (Shoshone-Paiute, Chippewa-Cree) is a mother, educator, activist, and an advocate for youth. Follow her at @SarahSunshineM.

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