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As a Native person, we sometimes do things other people might not even think about doing or even understand. And... the #NDN hashtag is something many Native people defend.

Native Humor: 8 Things You’ve Probably Done If You’re Native

Vincent Schilling

As a Native person, we sometimes do things other people might not even think about doing or even understand. Let’s admit it, there are just some behaviors that are embedded into the DNA of our ancestry.

Taking this into account, here is a list of 8 Things You’ve Probably Done If You’re Native.

Nearly driven off the side of the freeway if a hawk flies over

Look! A Hawk!   (Photo: Vincent Schilling)

This is the Native version of texting and driving. You are driving along the highway, doing great, until a gorgeous hawk (or other awesome bird) flies over. You crouch down in your seat to look as it flies over - and you almost take out the two cars next to you or nearly drive into the shoulder.

Never told a soul about that one piece of turquoise jewelry that came from the mall

shhhh ...  (Photo: Vincent Schilling)

Oooh, nice jewelry!” says your friend as you smile, nod and change the subject. You know you got that jewelry from Kohl’s, Target or even Amazon.

You researched someone who used the #NDN hashtag to see if you are related or know them


Hey! That’s our hashtag,” You exclaim to yourself if you are on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and see the #NDN hashtag from someone you don’t know. A quick search…”Awesome, that's my cuzzin!”

Noticed that one bird during a public event that no one else does

There's President Obama - Look! A Raven!   (Photo: Vincent Schilling)

(True Story) When President Obama recently welcomed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House, in the midst of our coverage, a Black Raven landed on top of the White House flag pole. Yeah, we saw you, Mr. Bird. Native people notice such things.

Shouted or applauded if a TV Show host even mentioned a Native Person

Whoopie said Wes Studi!  iStock

If the Today show, The View or some TV show host even mentions Adam Beach, Wes Studi, Buffy St. Marie or some other Native celebrity, we cheer, applaud or even ask whoever else is in the house to come listen for a minute. We love our shout-outs.

Said “Hi” to a tree

Hey there tree...  (Photo: Vincent Schilling)

Well, I have anyway. It was a cool tree.

Made a sandwich with bread and the only condiment you had in the fridge

You know exactly what we're talking about: that mustard sandwich, that maple syrup sandwich, that ketchup sandwich, that pickle chip sandwich and that jelly sandwich. There's a million more to choose from and create.

Screamed out, “It’s 11:11!”

Is this is just something we do? My wife even yells for me to come see on the TV time when it is 11:11, am or p.m. Sometimes, we even get to see when it is 11:11:11!


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