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According to Native actor Wes Studi, his latest role as the Native American mystical character of Kaetenay is one of the most fun and refreshing roles he’s played in a long time.

Wes Studi Talks About His Latest Role As Kaetenay in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful

Vincent Schilling

According to Native actor Wes Studi, who has portrayed a plethora of historic Native American figures in films and television - his latest role as the Native American mystical character of Kaetenay is one of the most fun and refreshing roles he’s played in a long time.

Penny Dreadful, the Showtime series based on historical horror figures such as Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Dorian Gray, will be hitting the airwaves starting in May, and Studi says his character’s involvement from the start will be a show-stopper.

How's the show been for you?

Penny Dreadful has been a refreshing and wonderful experience. I'm in every episode of the most recent season except for one. There are nine episodes. It is a really fun script and certainly a departure from things I have done before – aside from the fact that I'm playing Apache again. [laughs] I haven't had this much fun on a series for a good long while.

Your character seems to walk a fine line between campy and dramatic. You look like you are having a blast.

[laughs] Well, I guess it shows, then. This has been an opportunity to reach outside of reality and jump into that fantasy realm. I have never really done this type of work that sits within that realm of Bram Stoker with vampires, Dorian Gray and the magic and mystery of good and evil. To me, this is the closest to Shakespeare that I have done. John Logan is a hell of a writer. It really is right next to being camp, Within this production an actor could easily fall over the line to become totally campy.

You come across as if you have a lot of freedom to play in your character Kaetenay, is this the case?

Oh God, yeah, because whenever you enjoy doing something, I believe It really shows. The exciting thing is that there are a lot of wonderful surprises for the audience in terms of my character.  

The great thing about this show is that it has introduced you to a new fan base in the science-fiction, com-icon and cos play world, How has that been?

I have begun to see this on social media and I have been to a comic-con. It is fabulous and I have to say that fan base is fantastically wild and weird.

Without revealing spoilers, where is your character going?

I can tell you that my character will be introduced further into the family of Dreadful and the way that it is going to come about will definitely be a show-stopper. Let's just say we start off at a run.

I am really looking forward to this...

Well, that is what we actors like to hear. [laughs]

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