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Native American Livestream Discussion on J.K. Rowling Today on Al Jazeera

Vincent Schilling

Four Indigenous artists, authors and bloggers will appear on today’s episode of Al Jazeera’s “The Stream” to discuss Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to discuss her recent installment of wizarding history on her Pottermore website entitled, “History of Magic in North America.”

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The Al Jazeera segment is entitled Reimagining Native Americans in the arts and the involved participants include blogger Adrienne Keene, media artist Skawennati, Writer & Video Game Designer Elizabeth LaPensée and Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author Stephen Graham Jones.

As the Al Jazeera episode website states, the topic of profiteering from the literary colonization of native culture will be discussed by indigenous authors and artists regarding “who has the right to write about them, and how they are using science fiction and fantasy to redefine antiquated narratives.”

The show streams live at 3:30 pm est Tuesday Mar 22nd - access the video or archive the Al Jazeera stream page here.


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Jeez people it's "Fiction", which means it's made up, fairy tale, etc.