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Pow Wow Season is Here! Read ICTMN’s Spring Pow Wow Issue!

Pow Wow Season is Here! Read ICTMN’s Spring Pow Wow Issue

Vincent Schilling

Indian Country Today Media Network is thrilled to announce that our Annual 2016 Pow Wow Magazine is now available for digital download.

We at ICTMN worked diligently to bring you the best that Indian Country has to offer with a list of great stories, an approximate list of over 400 pow wows across Turtle Island and much more!

In the digital version, ICTMN publisher Ray Halbritter writes:

“This year’s magazine is full of all the great things pow wows represent. It includes a tribute to a pioneer fancy shawl dancer, a history of the duck and dive, a salute to powerful drum groups and a homage to frybread and Indian tacos. And then there are the pictures, which capture the beauty, athleticism and regalia of the dancers who dedicate their time and energy to honor our ancestors and entertain our audiences.

“We hope you enjoy reading this year’s magazine as much as we did putting it together.”

You can view and download the 2016 Pow Wow Magazine here.

You can check out our Pow Wow listings here.

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Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Sadly, I’m mired in work until after Pow Wow season is over, but I’d still like to see the publication. I’ll download it on my home computer so I can peruse it at my leisure. Niawen’kó:wa Mr. Schilling!