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ESPN's Bomani Jones wore a "Caucasians" T-shirt on live television Thursday morning.

Bomani Jones Mocks Chief Wahoo With 'Caucasians' T-shirt on ESPN

Sheena Louise Roetman

Bomani Jones’s T-shirt caused quite a stir this morning while he filled in as co-host for ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning.”

While on set Thursday morning, Jones wore a T-shirt featuring a mockery of the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo mascot. The shirt says “Caucasians,” and featured a blonde haired, white skinned man with a dollar sign sticking out from the back of his head, rather than the feather Wahoo once wore.

According to TMZ, ESPN “freaked out” and told Jones to cover the shirt. He then reportedly put on a hoodie, but still refrained from zipping it up or completely covering the image.

“As the show progressed, we felt Bomani made his point,” an ESPN spokesperson told The Big Lead. “And had openly discussed why he was wearing the shirt, and we wanted to keep the focus to the topics of the day.”

Jones, who normally hosts ESPN’s “The Right Time,” has been responding to critics via Twitter all afternoon.

Photo courtesy Twitter.

Other Twitter users spoke out in support of Jones, his T-shirt and the idea that Native American mascots are offensive.

Photo courtesy Twitter.

Shelf Life Clothing Company makes the T-shirt, but the website is currently not functioning.

Chief Wahoo is not officially retired, and although the team usually uses the “block C” logo, it still makes plenty of money selling Chief Wahoo merchandise. In 2014, a federal lawsuit was threatened over Chief Wahoo.

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turbojesus's picture
Submitted by turbojesus on
So is he mocking how native americans disdain the Cleveland indians and chief wahoo? Or is he mocking the Cleveland Indians? Either way he is mocking Indians and I'm offended.

alexjacobs's picture
Submitted by alexjacobs on
IDIOTS...that shirt and images have been floating around and available for years until someone like BO-J wore it on Nat'l TV ESPN BS and why is it now a fuss? because it does the job it was supposed to originally - call attention to CleveIndian Chief Wahoo mascot...except nobody knows that and they are offended cause it mocks a race (caucasian) just like the logo/mascot "Indians" does...IDIOTS...and it should be Caucazoid...

Steve Gagne's picture
Steve Gagne
Submitted by Steve Gagne on
He should have slipped the Northern Colorado t-shirt on over it ... you know, the one that says "The Fightin' Whities".