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'Noble Savage' Vintage is changing their name after an ICTMN inquiry.

Following ICTMN Inquiry, 'Noble Savage' Vintage Clothing Changes Offensive Name

Sheena Louise Roetman

The owner of Noble Savage Vintage, an online clothing shop based in Brooklyn, New York, is currently changing the shop’s name due to an ICTMN inquiry Wednesday.

ICTMN received a tip that a Facebook event had been set up entitled “Noble Savage Vintage at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show.” After reaching out to the owner of the shop for commentary, she said she had been made aware of the deeper meaning behind the phrase “noble savage,” and is working on changing it.

“It seems naive to me now, but I hadn’t thought about the offensive nature of the term six years ago when I adopted the name,” said Heather Ramey, the shop’s owner.

Read Ramey's full response below.

I am actually mortified to hear that the name is offensive to Native Americans. It seems naive to me now, but I hadn't thought about the offensive nature of the term six years ago when I adopted the name. Since receiving your message, I did a little digging and honestly I feel quite ignorant. I did not intend to harm or offend anyone. I am a very small shop, and a one-woman show, so it will take me a little time to fully make the change across all platforms, but I will move forward with a different name starting within the next few weeks. I cannot apologize enough and I thank you for calling it to my attention. 

The shop mainly exists online, spread between two sites – RubyLane and Etsy – with roughly 250 high quality vintage items, mainly women’s clothing and accessories. Outside of the name, nothing about the shop’s logos or imagery suggested misappropriation.

Ramey has already begun to change the name – to simply Noble Vintage – on her shop and Facebook pages, including new logos.

Within 24 hours, Noble Vintage has already begun to change logos and titles. Photo courtesy Noble Vintage/Facebook.

The initial event is the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, taking place this weekend at 125 West 18th Street in Manhattan.

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