Ralphie May: “I want to apologize to the American-Indian community who were offended by the video that was posted on YouTube."

Ralphie May Releases YouTube Video Apologizing to Native Americans

Vincent Schilling

One day after a YouTube video was released  in which comedian Ralphie May (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, Celebrity Fit-Club and many other shows) targeted Native Americans in one of his stand-up routines caused a firestorm on Native Twitter, May released his own video on Twitter apologizing to the Native American community.

Additionally, he made the video before his upcoming Bemidji show, which has just been cancelled. May said before the cancellation that he would be donating the proceeds to charity.

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EXCLUSIVE: Ralphie May Talks About Indian Rant: “I Never Meant to Hurt Anyone”

In an interview with ICTMN, May said he “never meant to hurt anyone,” and insisted the first video was taken out of context and in the video entitled Ralphie May: Racially Charged, Not Racist, May apologizes and also writes the following in the comments:

“I want to apologize to the American-Indian community who were offended by the video that was posted on YouTube. My comedy was illegally used, edited, and taken out of context from a show that was possibly over 12 years ago. I’m not a hateful person and this was not right for someone to do. They used my voice to inflict pain on innocent people who don’t deserve it. I am a racially charged, but not a racist comedian. I make jokes about whites, blacks, Asians, Latinos, Jews, Arabs, and gays.

“None are politically correct, but at the end of it, they all show how hatred is stupid. My jokes take a long time to get from beginning to end. I don’t tell one-liners. You hear a 44-second clip and you miss everything before and after it. Anyone who has ever seen my comedy knows that I exploit all stereotypes. I point them out for all races and show how stupid hate really is. I don’t have a hateful bone in my body.”

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