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Grammy winner Bill Miller is in a Nashville hospital

Native Grammy Winner Bill Miller in Nashville Hospital for Life-Threatening Ailments

Vincent Schilling

According to management company 1680 Entertainment, Grammy-winning Native American musician Bill Miller was admitted Tuesday to a Nashville hospital and is now in the intensive care unit after surgery.

UPDATE from 1680 Entertainment on FaceBook:

Having just conferred with medical staff at this late hour, we want to inform Bill's many fans and friends of his current condition. Bill has had a rough day, recovering from yesterday's surgery and other ill affects. He is sleeping now, but doctors will attempt a second surgery, specifically on his heart, tomorrow (Thursday) morning around 9am, Central Time. Although Bill has always been a warrior for the Great Spirit, he is weak and we ask for your collective prayers and healing thoughts for the next round of surgery he will soon undergo. 

Previously, 1680 Entertainment posted on Facebook alerting Miller’s fans, and making a call for prayers and well-wishes:

It is with concerned hearts that we are sharing the news of Bill’s admission to the hospital and immediate surgery for a life-threatening condition. Please join all of us around the world saying prayers for our dear, dear brother…

Please join us as we offer our thoughts and prayers for healing for our dear brother, Bill Miller, who was admitted to a Nashville hospital yesterday, and is now in ICU recovering from surgery to treat multiple life-threatening blood clots in his leg, heart, and lungs. We will provide updates over the coming days, and we welcome all of you to check back.

1680 Entertainment also shared a video:

In the meantime, listen to his beautiful spirit sing in one of our favorite videos: (Chasing Birds - Bill Miller)

ICTMN will inform readers as further updates on his condition are made available.


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bullbear's picture
Submitted by bullbear on
I will pray and burn sage for our dear brother, Bill Miller. I recall him smiling from ear-to-ear and waving to everyone along the Navajo Nation Fair parade route in Window Rock several years ago. May our Creator bring you a swift and full healing. From an Apache/Navajo brother in Tempe, Arizona.