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The Boss made it clear what he think of North Carolina's new anti-LGBTQ law.

How Did I Miss That? Boss Boycotts Bigots; Funeral Welfare

Steve Russell

The confederate states are holding a competition to see who can demonstrate the most hatred for LGBTQ people in reaction to marriage equality, very like the rise of Jim Crow laws in reaction to abolition of slavery or all white “academies” in response to Brown v. Board of Education.

This time, though, both the business community and pop culture are pushing back. Silicon Valley companies employ smart people, don’t tolerate bedroom police, and are taking their work elsewhere. Ditto European companies. This is not public relations so much as standing up for employees.

Bryan Adams cancelled a concert in Mississippi; The Boss did the same to a North Carolina gig. Billy Ray Cyrus had no date to cancel but he took to Facebook to back up Adams. Jimmy Buffett lambasted the law but declined to cancel his gig. Comedian Joel McHale performed a scheduled event in Durham but donated his pay to the LGBTQ Center of Durham.

Fox News 8 (who else?) ran a story datelined Greensboro about all the musicians they could find who are not boycotting.

Mayor Charlie Hales of Portland, Oregon refused to visit Mississippi to attend the christening of the USS Portland, so the Navy moved the ceremony to the left coast.

The unkindest cut was the pornographic video site X Hamster, which shunted all North Carolina IP addresses to a message saying their porn is cut off over “homophobic insanity” and advertising statistics showing there will be impact: Searches from North Carolina so far in 2016 for gay sex: 50,612 with 319,907 videos viewed. “Shemale” had 48,585 searches with 491,295 videos viewed. Multiply by four to estimate probable numbers for the year.

Props to my Republican Cousin Ray, who dropped out of college but read every history book I brought home. One of his Tea Party pals was reminding him that these anti-LGBT laws are framed as “religious freedom.”

Ray reminded him so were Jim Crow laws, so if your religion says your public business does not have to serve gay or trans people then you do not have to serve black or Indian people either. Because discrimination is “God’s will.”

The New York Times reported that Indiana governor Mike Pence has opened a new front in the war on women with a crackpot anti-abortion law. In addition to the usual nonsense, it requires that aborted or miscarried fetuses be buried or cremated.

There is no limit on how early in the pregnancy this requirement kicks in, leading women to point out that it’s possible to have a very early miscarriage without having known you were pregnant.

Claiming a concern for accidental violations of the law, Hoosier women have started a movement on Facebook, called Periods for Pence. Women are asked to email or call or write Gov. Pence with all the details of their menstrual cycles.

One purpose is to correct Pence’s ignorance of feminine matters, but another is to stop the lunacy of requiring families to take on a big financial responsibility for what in the real world is medical waste. @Sasha827 tweeted to @GovPencewIN: “Started my cycle today/ When will you be by to check my used pads for HB1337 compliance so I know to be home?”

If a family wanted to spend thousands of dollars for a funeral home, casket, flowers, hearse, gravesite, headstone, and all the other paraphernalia of the American way of dying in the case of a miscarriage, religious freedom guarantees them that right. They could do the same with human embryos leftover from in vitro fertilization if their religion says those are human beings.

Making everybody do it is corporate welfare for the funeral industry. In most states, direct cremation with no services comes in just under a thousand dollars. Does Pence know that some women trying to get pregnant have several miscarriages?

National Review was the intellectual center of U.S. conservatism before the neo-cons, but it has not been the same since founder William F. Buckley walked on. Once an upstart, it now represents the establishment side of starboard politics.

National Review is not the place to look for consumer protection law—not a proper function of government according to that quaint philosophy---so I was surprised to see an item about a failed pyramid scheme. It involved a bizarre claim that you could send off a urine sample and receive vitamin and mineral supplements specifically designed for your body.

Dr. Stephen Barrett, founder of Quackwatch, maintained, “no single test can provide a rational basis for dietary supplement recommendations.”

This bogus test and a month of supplements would set you back $139.95, and $69.95 a month thereafter. It was recommended that you pee in the jar again every nine months at a cost of $99.95 plus shipping, but the cost of these treatments could be more than offset by pushing the same scheme to your family and friends. Each time they got bilked, you would get a taste.

Why would anybody get involved with such quackery? It came under an established brand, The Trump Network. According to the Review, The Donald claimed he expected The Trump Network to become larger than Amway.

Instead, The Trump Network went the way of Trump Magazine, Trump Airlines, Trump Mortgage, and Trump University. Cousin Ray asked anybody who would listen how we could arrange to put Trump in charge of ISIS?

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has been going toe to toe with The Donald on Twitter. Fox told CNN, “I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall!” Trump took to Twitter and demanded an apology for the language. Not only did he not get an apology, Fox has been unloading on him ever since:

“Pathetic. Trump suffers from, disruptive narcissist personality. Which means, the believe (sic) that he is special and unique.

“Trump has profound, insulting arrogance, he demands treatment of a king or dictator. Where is that great nation going?”

But the unkindest tweet at all was when Fox sent out a selfie with a pristine white Caribbean beach behind him with these comments:

“Trump, this beautiful Cancun. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.”


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