Listen: Winona LaDuke and Navajo Women Talk About the Future of Energy


Adrian Manygoats, Navajo, and Winona LaDuke, White Earth Ojibwe, are among several Native women talking about the future of energy on public radio station KNBA in a half-hour documentary that is debuting on Earth Day.

The documentary, Indigenous Women Telling a New Story on Energy, airs at 12:30 p.m. Mountain Time and features women mainly from the Navajo Nation sharing their views on the future of energy, said a spokesperson from the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU). CU associate professor of theatre and dance Beth Osnes developed the half-hour radio documentary with partners from the Navajo Nation, according to the university’s media release. The show was syndicated by Native Voice 1 and will be livestreamed at KNBA’s website.

Broadcast co-producers Manygoats and Osnes founded the Navajo Women’s Energy Project, which aims to reduce the use of flammable kerosene in remote areas beyond the electricity grid. The stories were recorded only after meetings between Manygoats, Osnes and the women in which they discussed “how they felt about energy issues and to listen as the group developed possible solutions to current energy problems,” CU said.

“We were given the opportunity to talk about serious issues in creative ways through art, dance, improvisation and poetry,” said Manygoats, who is from Flagstaff, in the statement. “It was very empowering.”

“The broadcast shares stories that reflect indigenous women's views, beliefs, concerns, values and hopes about energy,” said Osnes. “The creation of this program is our effort to include their voices in the authorship of a new story for our energy future.”

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