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Native Hip Hop Artists Nataanii Means and Witk0 were among the winners of last year's 2015 Native Trailblazers #JuneJamz Music Awards.

Seeking Native Indie Music: Who Will Be 2016’s Native Trailblazers June Jamz Award Winner?


Native Trailblazers radio, the online BlogTalkRadio program which has received multiple awards across Turtle Island since 2009, is putting out its annual call for submissions for their 2016 Native Trailblazers #JuneJamz Music Awards.

Last year’s winners included a wide range of independent musical artists from across Indian Country, including Keith Secola, Frank Waln, Nataanii Means, Witk0 and handdrum Mohawk artist Rob Saw.

There is no entry fee and Native indie artists can enter by visiting the Native Trailblazers website.

Since 2009, Native Trailblazers has attracted over 700,000  listeners worldwide and the show has also been nominated three times for an Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Award / IMA, was selected as one of BlogTalkRadio's featured shows.

Joining the regular show hosts is award-winning musician Michael Bucher who joins the program in inviting Native and Indigenous artists of any music genre to participate, including Folk, Rock, Country, Reggae, Hip Hop, Electronic and Traditional and spoken word.

"Native Trailblazers also accepts songs from anywhere in the world where Indigenous people reside and create music. Past submissions have come from all over the United States, and Canada, Australia and New Zealand," says Bucher.

Native Trailblazers June Jamz episodes will also feature cameo appearances from key players in the industry, including invited special co-host Michael Bucher.

Listeners will vote on their favorite artists after the fourth Friday in June.

Hip Hip artist BazilleDx was voted one of the "Fan Favorites" of the Native Trailblazers June Jamz Music Awards in 2015.

The deadline to submit is Friday June 12th, though late submissions can be considered. Interested artists can fill out the application and email their songs at

The Native Trailblazers radio program airs live every Friday night at 7pm EST at

Winners receive sponsorship packets that include the indie bible, PR packets, official awards from the show and other prizes.

Native Trailblazers #JuneJamz Music Awards: artist submission information can also be emailed along with mp3’s to [email protected].

1. Artist name / group name:

2. Contact information: (email at least)

3. If a group – each artist name and instrument played:

4. Song(s) name (one or two):

5. Song(s) description:

6. Where is your music available (include links):

7. Social media and web sites (include links):

8.     Bio

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