Courtesy Cherokee Nation/YouTube
Born in Stilwell, Oklahoma in 1928, Cherokee Elder Eva Mae Fourkiller Comando remembers sledding and rope swinging with her siblings.

Video: Cherokee Elder Talks Softball, Rope Swings, and Hidden Candy


Cherokee Elder Eva Mae Fourkiller Comando was born in Stilwell, Oklahoma in 1928. Of her seven brothers, only two of them are still with us; she also has two sisters who are 20 years younger than her.

She started school at 5 years old speaking nothing but Cherokee, but said she learned English pretty quickly. “I speak Cherokee today, I probably don’t speak it right, but I do well enough that you can understand me.”

She says their family never had a doctor. “We were healthy, we ate what we farmed.” And when it was time to butcher, it was always pigs, she didn’t try a hamburger until later in life, and she didn’t care for it.

“We had to make all our fun,” she says in the video. She tells viewers how her grandfather made a sled for the kids. “We’d play softball, but then the whole community would get involved, so that was fun.”

“We only had a rope swing, and we’d get into fights over that, so my dad took it down,” she says.

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