Courtesy Turtle Lodge
Portion of poster for Turtle Lodge volunteer meeting happening this Sunday.

Mide-Aki Gathering at Turtle Lodge Seeks Volunteers Who Want to Learn


The renowned spiritual center Turtle Lodge is holding a family gathering in May and needs volunteers to cook, provide security, build bunk houses, and perform other tasks before and during the vent.

“Come out and learn how to run a traditional gathering while learning cultural teachings,” Turtle Lodge said this week in summoning potential volunteers to a meeting being held on Sunday May 1.

The center, founded and headed by Ojibwe spiritual leader Dave Courchene, is looking for lodge builders from May 13-19; security personnel from May 20–24;
cooks to from May 13–24; elder helpers from May 20–24;
firekeepers from May 20–24;
runners from May 19–24; Drivers between May 20–24, and people to work with youth from May 20–24.

“A Message was received from the Original Woman, Mide-Aki—Kind-Hearted Mother Earth,” says Turtle Lodge on its website. “Her Message: I am Mide-Aki—Mother Earth—the Original Woman. Bring the children with the family back to me. The time is now to heal the heart.”

The long weekend will include coming-of-age ceremonies, treaty workshops, drum circles, healing and much more.

The volunteer meeting will be held from 12 noon to 2p.m. at Private Tom Chief Memorial Hall, across from South Beach Casino & Resort, Brokenhead Ojibway Nation in Manitoba.

E-mail [email protected] for more information, check out Turtle Lodge’s website, or join the event on Facebook.

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