I Do Not Enjoy the Spring

Carly McIntosh

When slowly making focus on a slightly yellow object in the greens, you feel anger build up inside and see that it is a tender dandelion. With Man, all things must have a label stapled to it in this case it is The Weed. When the dandelion was given a label it seemed as if a instant study had to be done in a case where man-made chemicals had to be made to execute the weed right on hand. I do have to say who ever made the herbicide is making a fantastic amount of cash every spring and summer, and it is because not one person can stand the sight of a dandelion. It is all in your head to grab your herbicide when you see a weed growing on your lawn. In my point of view, I believe the dandelion is another beautiful flower given to us by Mother Earth.

The biggest mistake we are all doing to Mother Earth, is hurting her. The amount of herbicides used to destroy the weeds has to stop. In Canada, Canadians can't stand to see a natural weeds growing on their beautiful bright green lawn, and I don't understand why. Maybe I need someone who uses Herbicides to explain it to me, because I can't get the concept of why the simple dandelion has to be killed every time when seen.

When herbicides are sprayed into the clean air of Mother Earth, our health is put in jeopardy. Letting the chemicals of herbicides run freely through the air we breathe, hurts us in many ways that we don't even know is possible. When you use herbicides you are hurting me and my health. When I walk past a family's lawn that has the smell and contact of herbicide, my body makes the choice on whether to live or die at that moment. Being the age that I am, I have seen the White Light plenty of times.

Health Benefits Of Introducing Dandelions Into Your Life

Relief of:
Liver Disorders
Urinary Disorder


High Blood Pressure
Reduce Stress

They can also help with:
Bone Health
Skin Care
Weight Loss

Health Risks From Herbicides
Alzheimer's Disease

Birth Defects
Brain Cancer

Breast Cancer
Celiac Disease

Heart Disease
Parkinson's Disease

Multiple Sclerosis
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Which is better? Is it better to just leave the innocent dandelion alone, or to kill it with herbicides and get extreme health risks the next day?

The spring has just started and the Canadian's have already instantly materialized their container of herbicides to their hands. The morning of April 19th I have seen the first husband of the family using herbicides on their lawn, and he was just using it as if he was watering the lawn. That man is breathing herbicides into his lungs, and will most likely soon be ending up in Calgary's main hospital, The Foothills. The amount of health risks this man has simply walked into in is unbelievable, yet it is all to just extinguish a weed.

With all the health risks of using herbicides, do you ever just think for one moment and see what you could lose when using man-made chemicals? Many of you spray herbicides all across your lawn and then just let your young ones out to play on it. Your young ones are naturally breathing in herbicides, which will be putting their health at risk. The young ones are not even fully developed meaning that their health is more at risk than anyone older. In Canada many children at a young age are developing Cancer, what if it is all because of the herbicides they are naturally breathing in not to mention the toxins on our food. While yet the natural childhood disease of Measles gets more attention.

What you do today affects seven generations down the line. We have already been poisoning Mother Earth for decades, how does the future look to you?

When herbicides get into my body, the health risk that is looking me in the face is Death.

"I Thought We Were Supposed To Be Helping Mother Earth, Not Abusing Her."

Born and raised in Manitoba, Canada and now residing in Calgary, Alberta. McIntosh recently found her ancestry. Her goal is to pursue a future with writing and hopes to open some closed eyes and minds.


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SarahMcG's picture
My husband is a botanist and for him, there are no weeds, only plants. He would never use herbicide either. For us, if it grows in a place, that's where it's supposed to be.