Amy Morris
Ruby Wolfe surrounded by her children, Cecilia Wolfe holding artwork depicting Chipa Wolfe, and Joshua Krumnaker holding the beautiful funerary container Sunday May 8, 2016.

Pow Wow Legacy Honoring Warrior Chipa Wolfe

Amy Morris

The 27th Annual Cherokee County Indian Festival and Mother’s Day Pow Wow in Canton, GA was on Sunday. Visitors came not only to celebrate mothers but also to honor the memory of the pow wow founder, Chipa Lone Eagle Wolfe who walked on at age 62 on April 10, 2016.

He was well-known and admired for his energetic and unique style of educational programs he called “edu-tainment” that informed audiences about Native culture and history. He emphasized with ICTMN in an interview in 2015, that “the weekend event includes a pow wow but is mostly a festival, which is more inclusive than a traditional pow wow. There are vendors from around the country and a showcase of international dancers.” Wolfe said he wanted, ”the viewing public to reflect on indigenous peoples from many cultures.”

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Chipa Lone Eagle Wolfe walked on at age 62 on April 10, 2016. (Photo: Amy Morris)

Chipa Wolfe was of Indian and French descent, and his production company, Rolling Thunder Enterprises, has held the Mother’s Day pow wow and festival for over a quarter-century. Originally called Lone Eagle Productions, Chipa re-named his company after his beloved pet Bison “Thunder,” who passed away in June of 2014.

Learn more about Thunder.

Chipa and Thunder (Facebook)

Chipa Wolfe was a constant advocate for animal welfare and always included animal rescue groups at the festival, including My Brother’s Keeper, Best Friends Animal Society and Save the Horses.

One of the annual events during the festival was a demonstration of “Warriors on Horseback.” Chipa and a friend John Stikes, portrayed a Native American vs. a US Cavalry Soldier who cross paths while each was on horseback. The pair demonstrated hand to hand combat in a historical sense. Chipa explained, “it’s a dance/drama to a song known as a sneak-up. Yes, it is a re-enactment as we do not mean to perpetuate stereotypes but these things did happen.”

Chipa’s horse, Jackson carried him through many shows. This year Jackson donned a stunning three piece beaded regalia created by artist Paul Berryhill. Jackson displayed this beautiful beaded work in the arena during the family’s receiving line, which followed Chipa’s honor song and dedication held on Sunday May 8th.

Chipa Lone Eagle Wolfe's horse Jackson (Photo: Amy Morris)

After the receiving line concluded, a purple blanket was laid in the arena center for visitors to contribute funds to the family to help with medical bills. If you would like to help the family with medical bills and contribute to Cecilia’s education please visit the family’s GoFundMe memorial page.

After the receiving line concluded, a purple blanket was laid in the arena center for visitors to contribute funds to the family to help with medical bills. (Photo: Amy Morris)

During the various arena events of the weekend, emcee and friend Jody Gaskin would occasionally call out to the audience to loudly make noise in unison for Chipa. The crowd would enthusiastically shout out his name or cheer.

On the back of the emcee/drum tent hung a large memorial canvas with Chipa’s image and his familiar expression, “Have a Happy Day!”  a phrase he often used instead of saying goodbye. Guests were invited to sign or leave a note of remembrance on the memorial.

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Chipa Wolfe is survived by wife Ruby; children Joshua Krumnaker and Cecilia Wolf; sister Cherokee Rose Haider; brothers, Mike and Butch Satterfield and one grandchild.

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whitehorse's picture
Submitted by whitehorse on
First off I would like to it is a shame that Mr. Wolf died but that is a reality of life. Second I would like to point out Mr. Wolf had some enemies, myself included. Mr. Wolf was not an enrolled NDN (Cherokee), he never could prove any NDN ancestry as Mr. Wolf and his sister "Cherokee" Rose tried but were unsuccessful. So, again I am sorry Mr. Wolf has died but it is one less exploiter and advocate for exploiters of American Indian Culture, Traditions and Ways of Life.

noniejo's picture
Submitted by noniejo on
I really think 'whitehorse' what you choose to post on my friend's Memorial is totally inappropriate and only shows how rude, disrespectful, arrogant, along with some other words I feel best not to write, can be. Chipa Wolfe was a wonderful Man, well known, respected, loved, and admired from many men, woman, children, and animals. And you should be ashamed of posting your feelings at this time, and on a social media format that is dedicated to him for all He did during his adventure here on this Earth. You have..... 'A Happy Day', as Chipa would say, as for me, I hope you rest well, with peace, love, and kindness to someday make a way into your heart. Only one of many of Chipa Wolfe's loving and caring friends..... Nonie

horseinc's picture
Submitted by horseinc on
Chipa Wolfe embraced the Native American culture and educated many people though his events and powwows for decades. There is a Facebook page for everyone to celebrate his life, which was full of love and care for all Earthlings. Here is a paragraph posted on the page. Enjoy! All Indianz April 19 at 7:29pm A Warrior Crosses Over - In Memory of Chipa Lone Eagle Wolfe Chipa Wolfe and his family have been producing cultural showcases and entertainment programs for over two decades with rave reviews from educational institutions, corporations, law enforcement, government leaders and the film industry. Of both French and Indian decent Chipa spent much of his life highlighting Native American culture, advocating for Native rights and helping promote the true histories of Native Americans through peaceful, educational festivals and private functions. His teachings were amplified by a deeper desire to promote a union between Man and Earth. Whether lecturing at a university, corporation, military base or campaigning for sacred site conservancy or a healthier environment for future generations, Chipa Wolf articulated his message in a manner that reflected sincerity and passion. In a story Chipa told many years ago he was both shocked and amazed when a full blood Lakota woman originally from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota chose him for her husband. His wife Ruby Wolfe was forced to retire from the dance circle as a traditional dancer due to health restrictions however, she was able to instill the culture into her children through home schooling and cultural events. A shared family passion Ruby and Chipa Wolf chose to spend their life together on a farm in Jasper, GA where they raised their family and their animals. Ruby also assisted Chipa in assuring animals a safe haven through the not-for-profit animal rescue efforts of My Brothers Keeper.