Juan Lamont, 24, Tevin Tyon, 21, and Tyrell Wilson, 23, have been missing for more than 10 days. Family and volunteers are raising funds for a possible reward to anyone with information leading to their whereabouts.

Search Continues for Missing Lakota Men

Simon Moya-Smith

Update: As of the afternoon of May 18, the Justice Center was still calling for volunteers to help with search grids.

There is still no sign of the three Lakota men from South Dakota who went missing more than 10 days ago.

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Juan Lamont, 24, Tevin Tyon, 21, and Tyrell Wilson, 23, were last seen together on May 7 on the Pine Ridge reservation. They were reportedly in a 2006 Buick Lacrosse.

On Wednesday, a plea for more volunteers was posted on a Facebook page set up to help locate the three men.

"We need more volunteers to help in the search! We've driven all roads and they are clear. We need people on the ground to help search the grids! There are specific grids we are searching. Please check in at the Justice Center so you can be directed to a certain area. And we can keep track of where you are in case you need help, and we can be sure you make it back safely. Thank you!" Jessica Mesteth wrote.

"They're still out there searching," Oglala Lakota Nation Spokesman Kevin Steele told ICTMN Wednesday.

A Go Fund Me page has also been launched to help the family and volunteers in their efforts to find the men.

The money is also being raised for a potential reward for anyone who comes forth with information leading to their whereabouts.

"Every penny gained from this fund will be used in the search for these 3 young men who mysteriously disappeared from Pine Ridge on May 7th," the page's description reads. "This money, which is much needed, will go a long way to helping the countless volunteers  who tirelessly and without question search day and night for these 3 young men. Gas for vehicles, food and drinks to help  the many volunteers who get hungry and need to hydrate, and also to help with a reward for anyone who can provide useful information that will lead to the safe return of these 3 young men."

Anyone with tips to the location of the men should call the Pine Ridge Police Department at 605-867-5111.

ICTMN Contributor Sarah Sunshine Manning contributed to this report.

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