Courtesy Eric Davis
Julia Wall, of the Jemez Pueblo, will serve as the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) 2016-2017 student ambassador.

IAIA Names Jemez Pueblo Student as Ambassador


Julia Wall, of the Jemez Pueblo, will serve as the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) 2016-2017 student ambassador. According to an IAIA press release, the ambassador represents the institute “by creating and strengthening positive relationships with the greater community through educational and service activities.” The ambassador also receives support and funding to work on a community initiative of their choice.

Wall, is a third year Indigenous Liberal Studies major, who plans to move on to the University of Victoria to pursue her master’s once she is done with her studies at IAIA. She has been on the President’s and Dean’s List, and in 2014 had the highest GPA in the ILS program.

“I truly see the community and love it equal to my own,” she said when asked why she would make a good ambassador for IAIA. “The people, the place, and the love that I feel between the two are real and I would love nothing more than for everyone to feel that also. I want our community to be acknowledged, empowered, strengthened, and most of all I want our community to thrive.”

“We are very proud to have Ms. Julia Wall as our 2016-2017 IAIA Ambassador and we look forward to her representing the Institute and the student body at various functions on campus, at the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, and locations across the country.” Dean of Student Life Carmen Henan, Eastern Shoshone, said in the release. “Ms. Wall will be our ambassador promoting the value of higher education, student leadership, and community service.”

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