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The popular Julyamsh Pow Wow is back after a one year absence. They've moved to the Kootenai Fairgrounds.

Julyamsh Pow Wow Moves to Kootenai Fairgrounds After Year’s Absence

Jack McKneel

Julyamsh, one of the nation’s largest outdoor pow wows and the largest one in the Pacific Northwest, is returning after location problems caused a cancellation last year. That’s excellent news for the hundreds of dancers and numerous drum groups who have enjoyed Julyamsh in the past.

The dates are July 22-24, and the location will be the Kootenai County Fairgrounds on the northern edge of the city of Coeur d’Alene. In many ways, this location is better than the Greyhound Park where it was previously held. “It’s like having it in our traditional homeland,” said tribal member Quanah Matheson in a tribal news release. “The City of Coeur d’Alene was the “yap keen’um”, meaning ‘our gathering place,’ when all Coeur d’Alene people came together.”

Waiting for Grand Entry. After a one year absence and a move, the Julyamsh Pow Wow is Back!  (Photo: Jack McKneel)

All the facilities needed for an outstanding pow wow are present at the fairgrounds. The new location includes 83 acres of camping area, a large arena, staging areas and plenty of facilities for horses. Julyamsh has always been noted for horse parades, with riders in full regalia in recognition of the importance of horses to the tribe and to the nearly 1000 horses slaughtered by U.S. Army in the fall of 1858 just a few miles west of Coeur d’Alene.

Julyamsh has always been noted for horse parades, with riders in full regalia in recognition of the importance of horses to the tribe.  (Photo: Jack McNeel)

Julyamsh was cancelled in 2015 due to a conflict with management at Greyhound Park. The park had installed a number of “instant horse racing machines” that looked and acted much like slot machines. This was in direct conflict with the tribal casinos in the region. The Idaho legislature had authorized their use during the previous year but later found out that the machines installed differed from those shown to the legislature. Those machines have since been declared illegal for use in Idaho.

Because the tribe was not happy with the decisions made by Greyhound Park officials, they decided to change the location.

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Tribal Chairman Chief Allan noted that not only was the new location ideal, but “we’re thankful for the staff and leadership at the fairgrounds who have made us feel welcome. We look forward to the partnership.”

The Popular Julyamsh Pow Wow is Back!  (Photo: Jack McNeel)

So note the dates on your calendars and plan to visit Julyamsh this summer. It promises to be a winner. For more information visit http://julyamsh.com.


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