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My Identical Wapo 9-Question Online Survey of 730 Total Votes found that 87.82% Native Americans Offended by Redskins

Approx 80% of Natives Offended by Redskins: Per Random Polling of 2,000

Vincent Schilling

Last May, The Washington Post ran a story about a poll it had conducted of 504 self-proclaimed Native American people which indicated that 90% of Native Americans were not offended by the Washington Redskins name.

I was not satisfied with the Washington Post’s claim, so I conducted my own polls that were open to the public. The results were strikingly different.

My 7-Day Twitter Poll

1,299 Total Votes - 79% Native Americans Offended by Redskins

On May 19th, 2016 I posted a Twitter poll asking this question:

“Just Curious - If you are a Native person: Are you offended by the @Redskins?”

Though it took the Washington Post nearly four months to poll 504 self-proclaimed Native American people, I was able to obtain 1,299 votes in seven days. Of those 1,299 votes, 79% said they were offended by the Washington Redskins team name. 21% said they were not offended.

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My Identical Wapo 9-Question Online Survey

730 Total Votes - 87.82% Native Americans Offended by Redskins

On May 22nd, I realized there might be a plethora of nay-sayers to my online Twitter poll due to the fact it was not “professionally-asked,” so I looked up the poll information provided by the Washington Post.

I decided to create a survey asking the identical questions. From May 22nd to July 05, 2016, I received  730 responses by sharing on social media, posting online and sending out emails.

The question:

“The professional team in Washington calls itself the Washington Redskins. As a Native American, do you find that name offensive, or doesn't it bother you?”

87.82% found the name offensive. 10.92% said it doesn’t bother them, 1.26% had “no opinion” and 16 people skipped the question.

87.82% found the name offensive.

Additionally, 88.87% said the Redskin name in general is disrespectful of Native Americans.

88.87% said the Redskin name in general is disrespectful of Native Americans.

My Previous Article

As I said in my previous article about my Twitter poll on this controversy, in my career of approximately 12 years as a journalist, book author, speaker, journalist and now Arts and Entertainment, Sports and Pow Wow’s editor for Indian Country Today Media Network, I am constantly hearing the voices in Indian Country.

In my experience over the past decade and more having attended pow wows, tribal gatherings, protests, political events, school events, visited reservations and more – and based on all those conversations, I did not believe the Washington Post’s poll was an accurate reflection of Indian country.

I conducted two separate polls. I opened them to the public and encouraged others to share. According to Twitter, my poll received 35,249 impressions. Anyone could have voted. But just like the Washington Post, I relied on anyone who ‘self-proclaimed’ their own Native American ancestry.

For What it is Worth

In an attempt to be all-inclusive and fair to anyone that wanted to answer the question, I conducted another seven-day Twitter poll asking the question: “Do You Find The @Redskins Team Name Offensive To Native Americans? All can vote.”

89% said it is offensive.

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silhouette's picture
Submitted by silhouette on
This whole debate is a deceitful tactic by certain elected officials in the US "Government" to begin a discussion in EVERY U.S. household about Freedom of Speech. The average American isn't educated enough nor thinks critically enough to care to think about Laws, Rights, or issues pertaining to Politics on levels rarely above emotionally charged opinion. However, the Media and Government understand that by using a very popular platform of Sports and Mascots, which everyone in America watches and talks about, that the topic of Censorship and its later expansion, finds an enormous gateway to enter into household discussion. Most people would rather have a narrow minded, emotionally charged opinion about the Redskins name, without understanding that by changing Laws to change the name, that it will ultimately create changes in other areas of Freedom of Speech. Freedoms of Speech that they too, might find totally acceptable and non-offensive in their own uses like those using the Redskins in no other way than proud "warriors" of a football team name It is a brilliant idea by those in Power who have made America decline to the rank of 21st out of the only 25 Democracies ("Free") nations in the world since September 11, 2001. A democracy rank calculated in part by Civil Liberties afforded its Citizens. American's Civil Liberties are now tied with South Korea, and is the worst score out of all 25 countries in the world. The name "Redskins" is simply the platform being used by the Government to further other agendas of Censorship and Freedoms of Speech. But some in the public still take the bait of "emotion" rather than facts in forming opinions about the Redskins name, keeping the opinion on "Morality" and "Offensiveness" but not seeing the bigger picture in the discussion. This is the part of our Freedoms- tolerance, that comes with a price much larger than immediate gratification and narrow minded, selective, self-gratifying agendas. We all must be tolerant of each other. "Good" and "Bad" in order to possess a Freedom for all of us. But that Freedom is rapidly vanishing as Americans become less and less educated, isolated, and dependent instead thinking critically and being self-reliant.

TA Vettel
TA Vettel
Submitted by TA Vettel on
Inflammatory speech is not protected, just like slander, liable and other types of speech are not protected. Falsely yelling fire in a crowded theatre to cause a panic is not protected. You want to use words that have a negative connotation feel free but you should not be able to profit from them at the cost of others.