Courtesy Cherokee Nation/YouTube
Verdigris High School junior Madison Whitekiller is the Junior Miss Cherokee Ambassador

Video: Junior Miss Cherokee Ambassador Pushes Importance of Reading


Verdigris High School junior Madison Whitekiller will represent the Cherokee Nation as the Junior Miss Cherokee Ambassador. She will be promoting the Cherokee language, history, and traditions. A presentation of the history of the Cherokee syllabary won her the crown and sash, and she says the one thing she would like to do for her people is further the importance of reading.

“Readers are leaders,” she tells a group of youngsters in the video. “I want you guys to always remember that.”

“I do think that she is going to be able to be whatever she wants to be,” says Charles Nadal, JOM Coordinator-Verdigris Public Schools, in the video.

“Being Cherokee really helps give you a sense of identity and it helps you really grow as a person to set your morals high to represent the Cherokee Nation as well as you can,” Whitekiller says in the video.

She credits her family, especially her mother and grandmother for keeping her connected to her heritage.

Whitekiller plans on running for Miss Cherokee and using any scholarships she receives to attend Northeastern State University and then the University of Oklahoma. She hopes to become a physical therapist.

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