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(The Chickahominy Pow Wow) A Happy Father’s Day Wish - All Types of Dads Included

A Happy Father’s Day Wish - All Types of Dads Included

Vincent Schilling

Father’s Day is a wonderful way to remember those Fathers in our lives that have contributed so much.

Similarly to my post on Mother’s Day, in which I said the day was created as a marketing ploy to boost sales of various -related items and greeting cards, Father’s Day is much the same. But again, with all of the trouble we gave our poor Dads, don’t they, just like our moms, deserve a day of recognition?

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This said, Father’s Day is a day to recognize those special father-figures who took charge after we left the comfort and guidance of our protecting mothers. Once our mothers allowed us to fly into the world when they saw we were ready, our fathers taught us to navigate so we could one day fly solo.

But - for the most part - not every father is recognized on father’s day. I am trying to rectify this. While this article is very much the same as the Mother’s Day piece (As it is important to say how amazing and sacred our women life creators are) We assuredly want to recognize our fathers - whether they are in our lives or not.

This Father’s Day wish is to ALL of the Fathers out there. You are not forgotten. We honor you by becoming the best person we can be in the world. We strive to make the best of things from what you taught to us.

To ALL of the Dads: Happy Father’s Day

First - this wish is to all the Father figures. The fathers by blood, the fathers who are not. The fathers who are older siblings, grandparents, big brothers, friends or elders, they are our ancestors that have walked on or anyone who has given us guidance … thanks and blessings to ALL the dads.

To all the Dads of our four-legged and winged children: Happy Father’s Day

Some Fathers out there are loving to our sacred and beautiful animal children. Our puppies, dogs (including wolf-hybrids,) cats, kittens, birds and more also have thrived because of your love to them. These animal children have needed to eat, a warm place to sleep, to play, to be petted and to be fathered by you. You are an amazing Father to them and made their lives happy. (I am one of these fathers.)

To all the Stepdads or Significant other Dads: Happy Father’s Day

You were given a gift to love a child or children that was brought into your life through marriage or a long-time partner. You may have married a beautiful woman with children and accepted the children and guided them as your own. You honored us, loved us and helped us to be the best we can. You gave us Band-Aids, love, warmth and more. You are as much as a Father as the father by blood.

To all the Two-Spirit and LGBTQ Dads: Happy Father’s Day

You may not have fit into the mold of Father’s Day, and certainly don’t see a greeting card section dedicated to you. But those Fathers in the Two-Spirit and LGBTQ community are 100% every bit as much a Dad as every single other Dad in this world. You give love, you teach loving values and work hard in the midst of judgement and criticism to be a Dad. You might be a partner or married as a loving member of the LGBTQ or Two-Spirit community that has guided the lives of your children from a previous marriage or through an adoption. You are sacred and deserve to be recognized.

To all the Dads who wanted to have children, but could not: Happy Father’s Day

First let me say, YOU ARE STILL A DAD! There is tremendous truth in the old sentiment, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I can’t not even begin to express how many wonderful Dads like you have helped us to be greater people in the world. We can’t always go to our Dads by blood. But you, our other Dads mold us, guide us and advise us in ways that stay with us forever. You are as much as a critical part of our lives as another Dad.

To all the Dads who have walked on: Happy Father’s Day

Before you left us, you gave everything to us and this world, you left a legacy behind that will define us for the rest of our lives. We appreciated you so much and never quite realized how much would be gone once you left. Thank you for giving so much while you were here with us.

To all the Father-in-laws: Happy Father’s Day

You didn’t even have a choice about getting us as a part of your life, but here we are. You are entrusting us with the most important person in your lives, your child. And though things may not be perfect - you do the best you can to welcome us. Thank you. We really do love loved and raised the most important person in our lives.

To all the Foster Dads: Happy Father’s Day

You are taking in a child in hopes to improve their lives; you give perhaps to exhaustion and receive little in return. But though it might not seem like it at times, giving with love can help to improve the lives of those that might seem lost. You deserve to be honored for your hard work.

To all the Adopting Dads: Happy Father’s Day

You are the type of Dad who had a choice to bring a child into your life...that is a most incredible gift to someone. Sometimes children are not wanted in life, but you are the antithesis of this. A child that is adopted was brought into your life by choice. Thank you.

To all the Dads who may not be in our lives for some reason: Happy Father’s Day

Some Fathers are not in our lives. Sometimes this is temporary, sometimes this is not. Sometimes it is by choice. Some Fathers in life make poor choices or are abusive or victims of abuse themselves. None of this means we do not love them. But sometimes it is ok not to have these Fathers in our lives so that everyone can heal in their own ways.

Inasmuch as there is happiness and joy to some, there is also pain and sadness to others. But we can still acknowledge that the Creator has put us into life situations for a number of reasons.

This said, though some Fathers may not be in our lives, we still wish the best for them, love them as best as we can and try to live a great life for those that are around us today. We still wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

To all the single Mother’s or Grandparents who had to step forward: Happy Father’s Day

Sometimes the Father may not be a part of the child’s life for a multitude of reasons, for those amazing mothers or grandparents who have had to take on the Dad role… thanks to you. You are also to be honored on this day.


To ALL the Dads out there - You are amazing, you are loved and you are appreciated.

Happy Father’s Day.

(Dedicated to my own father Ray Schilling - I love you Dad.)

Vincent Schilling (Akwesasne Mohawk) is the Arts and Entertainment, Sports and Pow Wow’s editor of ICTMN. Follow him on Twitter at @VinceSchilling. He is also a father of a four-legged child - @SophiaChihuahua.


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