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The Confederated Tribes of The Colville Reservation has just announced that singer/songwriter and tribal chairman Jim Boyd has walked on. Jim Boyd took a pause from his role as Colville tribal chairman to celebrate his lifetime achievement award in music during the 2014 NAMMY awards in New York. He made this photo the cover to his last album.

Native Music Icon and Colville Chairman Jim Boyd Walks On


The Confederated Tribes of The Colville Reservation has just announced that singer/songwriter and tribal chairman Jim Boyd has walked on. Boyd, 60, was well-known for his music as a member of the bands XIT, Greywolf and Winterhawk, and for four songs in the iconic Indian Country classic movie Smoke Signals.

The release from the Colville Tribe about Tribal Chairman Jim Boyd stated the following:

Boyd, a prolific songwriter and entertainer, was well known throughout Indian Country. He travelled throughout the United States, was known for his love of Harley­ Davidson Motorcycles, and won numerous awards for his music, including 7 Native American Music Awards & Associations awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. He has held the post of Tribal Chairman since 2014. Representing the Inchelium District of the Colville Indian Reservation, Boyd previously held the position of the Council's Law and Justice Committee  Chairman.

Boyd was well-liked and respected by his peers and colleagues.  

Shane Moses courtesy - Colville tribal chairman Jim Boyd laughs as a TV reporter interviews a Colville tribal member during a time in which the Okanogan Complex and North Star fires had scorched a record amount of timber, including homes on the Colville.

Colville Business Council Vice-Chairman Michael Marchand said in the release, "He will be greatly missed. Jim was a guy that was very focused and intelligent, a great storyteller. He lived life to the fullest and his good nature and sense of humor were infectious.

"This is a very, very sad day for the Colville Tribes. One of our most respected leaders, and talented tribal members is no longer among us. The sheer enormity of our loss has not set in yet, and I doubt that it will for quite some time. We are especially saddened for his family, who loved this caring man greatly." Marchand concluded.

Details regarding the passing of Chairman Boyd have not yet been released. 

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This is such a huge loss that is going to take a long time to accept. Jim told so many wonderful stories through the years. He was so happy being a member of his tribe and being close to his family. Prayers to his family, friends, tribal members and all he held dear during this difficult time. Jim Boyd enjoyed being the Council's Law and Justice Committee Chairman. When he spoke about it you could almost envision him traveling through wide open spaces in efforts to help the people in his community. He always spoke positive, looking to the future for his tribal members and family. During our last conversation he was looking forward to continuing his life working for his tribe. He sounded like a young man, excited about the future and a bit bewildered he was elected to represent the very people he loved the most. The world has lost a wonderful story teller, visionary, music icon and friend to all who he embraced as one. We were hoping to engage Jim into a video interview and documentary later this year so he could share some of the stories we were so blessed he told us. His love and passion for the Sinixt Arrow Lakes Band is unsurpassed. His song "WE ARE SINIXT" was recorded live at the National, Richmond, VA. Its is a Tribute to all Sinixt Arrow Lakes People who were said to be extinct by the U.S. government, who still live today. We will always remember Jim telling the story, how he wanted the true history to be told and how he loved his family. I was born a red man, I'm not going to apologize for it. - Jim Boyd