Courtesy Snoqualmie Indian Tribe
Snoqualmie Tribal Council

Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Elects New Tribal Council Members


More than 200 tribal members attended and participated in the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe’s annual tribal council elections in May where a total of five seats were up for election.

Four seats on the Council and one Council Alternate were voted on with Alisa Burley being the only incumbent reelected. New council members include: Suzanne Sailto, Jolene Williams and Michael Ross with Katina Mullen elected for the alternate position.

Once tribal council elections were confirmed, the council selected its tribal officers on May 19 with Sharon Frelinger serving as Vice Chair, Burley will continue as tribal secretary, and Richard Zambrano will continue serving as Tribal Treasurer.

“We greatly appreciate the dedication of former Council Members Sunny Clear, Lois Sweet Dorman, and Melynda Davis, who all worked tirelessly to serve our people and support our tribe,” Tribal Chairwoman Carolyn Lubenau said. “The tribal council looks forward to working together with the new council members to continue the good work that has been set before us.”

The federally recognized tribe, known as the People of the Moon, in the Puget Sound region of Washington state has a tribal council that consists of a chair, nine members and two alternates.

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