The Virtual Slot Environment™ (patent pending) transforms the slot floor into a rich, rewarding atmosphere by projecting themed content onto surfaces surrounding the players, immersing them in an audio—visual experience.

Tribal 'Smart Casino' Debuts 'Virtual Slot Environment'


Imagine: LED lights begin to flash and the casino audio system announces an impending jackpot, plus a special, bonus event. Patrons flock to this Virtual Slot Environment, or VSE, area to partake in an immersive, 4D experience called Cash of the Titans at Seven Feathers Casino Resort, owned and operated by the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians in Canyonville, Oregon.

Cash of the Titans, a sensory revolution in gaming, is the first of its kind in the world, according to a press release. The VSE connects to player tracking systems (via back-end gaming systems), and awards real time bonuses to active players based upon the parameters casino management selects. Seven Feathers is the first casino to employ the VSE system, thus qualifying it as the first "smart casino" of the future, states the release.

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At Seven Feathers' Cash of the Titans, more than 130 machines are connected to a rapid hit bonus system that takes the players on a tour of Ancient Greece. A bonus may trigger a visit from Zeus, complete with stunning audio-visual effects that make rolling thunder and striking lightning feel real. Casino guests are made aware when the bonus is coming, and they are guaranteed to hit when they experience unique bonus triggers within the Cash of the Titans room.

The Cash of the Titans Bonus Area also has the potential for other creative scenarios, like LIVE Sports Feeds that would virtually take players to the sidelines of their favorite stadiums.

The technology is deployed by Advanced Creative Gaming (ACG), LLC, of Las Vegas, which built the back-end proprietary bridge management system (ACG Bridge). ACG reached out to Shawn McDaniel, Seven Feathers Casino Resort’s general manager, who is widely regarded for his technical vision, to propose implementing the new technology at the casino. Meanwhile, Richard Rader, chief technology officer at Seven Feathers Casino Resort, developed a custom bonus/jackpot system that integrates and receives its information from the current player tracking system. Now through the ACG Bridge (an API), the VSE can award not only a jackpot but an event within the Cash of the Titans bonus area.


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