Nobu Koch/Courtesy of Sealaska Heritage Institute
Lily Hope weaving a Chilkat robe in the Delores Churchill Artist-In-Residence Studio.

Artist Residencies at Sealaska! Apply Right Now!


Art is a major component when it comes to conserving and showcasing heritage.

To cultivate this vital form of cultural expression, the Sealaska Heritage Institute is looking for Native artists to participate in a new artist-in-residence program at the Walter Soboleff Building in Juneau. The program’s purpose is to encourage study of Northwest Coast art practices.

“Artists in residence may choose from two dedicated spaces on the main floor: the Delores Churchill Artist-In-Residence Studio and the monumental art space, a dedicated area for artists creating large-size Northwest Coast art pieces,” Sealaska said in a statement. “The program provides artists with the dedicated work areas and access to the institute's archives, library and ethnographic and art collections for study.”

Applications are available, along with eligibility requirements and other criteria and information, at Sealaska Heritage Artist-in-Residence Application’s webpage. Artists must commit to a minimum of two weeks in residence.

Sealaska, with its mission of showcasing Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultures, sponsors the art programs “to support the perpetuation of NWC art traditions of Southeast Alaska with the quality and aesthetic forms that gave rise to its distinction,” according to the application page.

Sealaska Celebration 2016 earlier this month featured a juried art exhibit and contest, and a youth art competition.

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