New Mexico Music Award winners: The Plateros are comprised of Levi Platero on guitar and vocals, Bronson Begay on bass, Douglas Platero on drums, and Tony Orant on keyboard.
Jason Morgan Edwards
Levi Platero, Indigie Femme Capture Top Honors at 2016 New Mexico Music Awards

Levi Platero, Indigie Femme Capture Top Honors at 2016 New Mexico Music Awards

Jason Morgan Edwards

The 29th Annual New Mexico Music Awards show was held on June 19, 2016. Levi Platero, who performed during the show, won Best Blues song for Take Me Back, off his not yet released EP, while Indigie Femme won in the Americana category for their song, You Taught Me to Love.  

This was the Platero’s second New Mexico Music Award. The band also won in the Blues category back in 2009 for Hang On. "It's been awhile since we've submitted anything,” said Platero of the honor. “It's pretty exciting, and pretty awesome."

Platero says the winning song comes from his heart. The soon to be married guitarist was musing about the intricacies of relationships.

"There are always two sides to the story. There's the side where you're fed up with whatever's going on in the relationship. Then, there's the other side of the story where the person is sorry and wants everything to work and doesn't want it to end. So, that's the side of the story I wrote. “

Levi Platero - Photo Jason Morgan Edwards

Tash Terry (Dine) and Elena Higgins (Maori and Samoan) have been performing as Indigie Femme since 2006. The duo has garnered nine awards at various award shows. The duo was also nominated for Best Vocal Performance this year.

"It felt great [to win],” said Terry. who explained the song is from a dream.

Elena Higgins (Maori and Samoan - left) and Tash Terry (Dine) have been performing as Indigie Femme.

“In the dream, I was with [artist and biographer], Richard Erdoes, who found extreme compassion for [Native] people here in the States," said Terry. "He told me all these amazing stories of Europe and of the Native Americans all over the world.  I just love this man so much. He was the kindest non-Native man I ever met. So, when I say 'you taught me to love', it's a song of extreme friendship, and unconditional love."

“Our music is about the message of love and our connection to Mother Earth,” says Higgins. “So, it's great to come from, and be a part of, music in the sense of the healing, the joy, the laughter and the tears. Music is about one language, one love.

"Between the Navajo Nation and the Indigenous parts of North American and the southern hemispheres, we realize we both come from matrilineal lineages. And, that our music represents all people. If you look at a globe, and see where the Navajos are [located] in relation to the Samoans and Maoris, we do a full circle. So, we feel like there's a connection to bridge the cultures. They need our help. We need theirs so we can stop discrimination, oppression and genocide. Healing is happening. Our theme is to drop walls. We are all one."

Levi Platero has upcoming performances in Santa Fe (July 20) and the New Mexico State Fair, for info:

Info for Indigie Femme:

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