N7 Ambassador Alexandrea Schulte

Alexandrea Schulte Wants Kids to Love Life—and Golf

Tish Leizens

Life these days for Alexandrea Schulte is about winning golf tournaments, giving back to the youth, and supporting a joint Native and Nike initiative to promote the sport. “I just do my best to help the golf line and to always give back to the youth as much as possible,” she says. ”I have the support of N7 and Nike when it comes to my golf career and that I’m very happy with.”

The golf line Schulte refers to is the Nike N7 merchandise that Native-owned golf courses will have the opportunity to sell exclusively. Nike will set aside a portion of the proceeds to spur Native young golfers interest to play on the greens in their neighborhood.

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Schulte said she had a taste of the excitement brought about by the N7 merchandise when she participated in the 3rd Annual NABI Foundation Golf Classic at the Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf Club, in Maricopa, Arizona in early May. A promotional poster touted Nike N7 golf gift bags as prizes to be handed to first to third placed winners. In addition, each participating golfer was offered a pair of the new N7 golf shoes. “It was  big hit,” she says. “There is no better feeling than competing with new gear.”

The new Nike N7 shoes went on sale July 1 with the launch of the merchandise. Schulte said she was happy to see the coming together of the Native community.

Between now and the end of the year, Schulte said she will be busy sharing her story, going to golf tournaments and conferences and giving golf clinics.

“I’m getting back into training, competing in the next couple of weeks, doing more for the Ak-Chin community and trying to be in the best shape of my life.”

She hopes all the training—which includes a goal of running 100 miles a month and a healthy diet, according to her Facebook page—and competing leads to getting her Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) card in December.

Among the golf events she is scheduled to play are the Arizona Women’s Open in November; The Cactus Tour, from June to November; and the Symetra Tour, which dates she has yet to finalize.

“My goal is to win tournaments,” says Schulte. And as she wins tournaments, she hopes to inspire the youth. “We need more Native athletes. We need to give them the opportunity to go to college.”

Some 14 years ago, at the age of 14, Schulte was named by the American Junior Golf Association as one of the Top 50 teenage players in the country. In 2012, when the Ak-Chin tribe selected her to be the face of the sport and their own Southern Dunes Golf Course, Tribal Chairman Louise J. Manuel, Jr. spoke highly of Schulte, declaring that she, “represents the core values of our youth in the Native American community.”

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